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  • Re:ZERO x Mabinogi Events

    Mission: Avoid Ulgarm.
    *Spawns on top of me in 5 seconds*

    Yeah ok THANKS.
    SherriGretaRadiant DawnMeave
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Finally beat Talvish.

    This is what I observed. I'll be tagging my opinions on each point.

    Point One:
    If the message says "USE SHIELD OF TRUST!", don't use it righ taway. That's a ploy to get yourself killed. Use it after when two or three swords strikes. They do no damage, trust me. The very last point you can use your shield and live is when the last sword lands, but that's it.
    Opinion: This is alright, but that message needs to stop being a jerk and mislead people.

    Point Two:
    If the message says "There must be a way to repel his attack."
    You can stop his attack with Judgment Blade. Failing to do so disables your ability to use Crusader related skills. Even if he doens't hit you with his ridiculously long hitbox, he heals himself 1% anyway. So, just. Stop him.
    The issue here is, sometimes he does this attack the very moment the message appears. Judgment Blade is way too slow to hit him with hit before yours lands, if both of you use charge up the skills at the same time.
    And considering how the server always favor, well. The server, you've already lost.
    Opinion: Stop it. Stop making that skill come out so damn fast, if he's going to kill you the very moment the message appears. Go die. Bad design. And come on. "Repel attacks"? That sounds like an invite to use Shield of Trust. Which by the way, does not work.

    Point Three:
    Frequency of Talvish''s Crusader Skills becomes more narrow when you gain your Divinity. This can become troublesome, and yo uneed to be more active with your own Crusader. To increase your own damage, you can use Celestial Spike on him.
    Opinion: This speeds up the combat pace, a lot. I like it. The problem is the usage of Celestial Spike. The increased frequency of the Crusader Skills means even less time for you to risk it all using Celestial Spike, just for him to suddenly use Judgment Blade and kill you, while you're on cooldown. You can time all you want with using Celestial Spike right after SHield of Trust. But he WILL occasionally use his Crusader Skills before you're done with the cooldown. That's just bad.
    You don't need Celestial Spike, but really. Don't suggest using it, if there's 50% chance for it to not get yourself killed.

    Point Four:
    During the second phase, you transform, and your first 7 F slots have been replaced. And your Mnaa Shield, which, don't kid yourself, you had it open. Mana Shield is disabled. That is because in this new state, you cannot use any skill besides the new skills you learned, and Crusader Skills.
    Opinion: I. Don't think I can say m uch. They HAD to add the skills so you can be introduced to them, but. It's extremely intruding. And depending on how you setup your skill tabs, you'll probbaly die a tleast once, while trying to familarize yourself with it.
    And if you're super squishy and is extremely reliant on Mana Shield. Well, you better be quick learner, because you're gonna learn how to teleport. Unless you want to die in two shots of course.

    That's it. Now end me.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Greta wrote: »
    Kouyioue wrote: »
    me and bf got that one a few hours earlier today, and once yesterday :)

    BTW, an incentive for trying harder: The divine form has jiggle !

    Yup, that's what i pointed out in Mabinogi Discord Server too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Also lol at that 0.00% HP. #Glitchinogi
    TNinja wrote: »

    If I'm not allowed to scream nerf, sue me. I'll scream nerf anyway.

    You guys have NOTHING on me. NOTHING.

    0.19 HP?
    30% was enough for people to get a dialog and be done with it. You got glitched as well.

    Zoom in, mate.

    That's MINUS 0.19.
    ImaizumiRadiant Dawn
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    The hell. You can't outrun Talvish's no-crusader skill attack if you're a melee. That's just a lot of bull.
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    Contributions deducted via dying.

    Medics gets points for reviving.

    Yeah OK I guess.