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  • I guess Shield Hero...

    I mean, it is what it is.

    By the end of the day it's just going to be recycled events with crossover skins. Does it matter that much if that skin doesn't happen to be of a show YOU wanted?
  • Is Exploration Lv Capped at 13?

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    It says you're 51,500/51,506.
    Why did you say the numbers went over the limit?

    Anyways, I thought they completely got rid of the Exploration EXP cap, and the need to do cap removal quests.

    Welp I read literally everything wrong
  • Last Post Wins

    People complains about how Fallout 76 manufactures false scarcity by limiting item shop availability

    *Laughs in Fashionogi*
  • Really Mabi?

    TNinja wrote: »
    You guys must live a somehow privileged life if you think everyone can just grab internet anywhere.

    Surprisingly, considering you're americans, and I've heard so much about how bad your ISPs are treating all of you.

    We're progressing to the world of 5G (hides the 3G service on phone)

    Wasn't there some sort of bill in progress about banning 5G because of health concern or something?

    Well, I live at the edge of our country, so even as an European, our net services are horrendous. I'd be pissed too if I had to go away for over a week.
  • Moonlight Dreams

    Well finally I can play again. And can say I like the story events.

    Anyone got the image of the Marionettes with less moss on its cheek and connected knees? As far as I can tell, all knees are connected, and I haven't encountered any marionette with less moss..
    Sherri wrote: »
    I don't understand what this Additional Stat Stone (Regular) does.. can someone give me an example or something?
    Explain it to me like I'm 5-yrs-old lol

    It doubles the stats you get from the next Onyx stone being used on the amulet.