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  • [UPDATE] Connous Beach Vacation is back!

    Fair and balanced.
    Ranranru wrote: »
    Anyone having issues with the rhythm game? WASD works fine, but it doesn't recognize my spacebar input... the game recognizes spacebar otherwise, so idk what the problem is.

    That's a new one
  • [COMPLETED]Scheduled Maintenance - August 1st

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    TNinja wrote: »
    We doin' wednesdays again?

    Tomorrow is Thursday.

    IyasenuRadiant DawnWolfsingerBakushinSherri
  • Far Darrig Coin Event

    Alshian wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I'm just annoyed at the rates for fifth and sixth - been three days and I've got nothing but recovery potions and rusty hammers that aren't even bleeding permanent XD

    -Just gonna note that I'm just complaining about my horrible rng luck here, but, I do kinda wonder what the actual rates are XD

    Eh I just cry rigged till they show us the rates. Then if my experience don't match with said rates I just cry even more > w>

    This ain't glorious china.
  • Far Darrig Coin Event

    Did the localization team slack off here, because the misinformation must be record breaking this time.
    Draech wrote: »
    TheDumbOne wrote: »
    how do i get the darrig box?

    By gambling at the RNG machines in Festia. Such a fun event, all the event-exclusive items require gambling and no direct-purchase.

    Surprise mechanics
  • Name change? Where is it?

    Hm, I think the process right now is going a little like this...:

    Staffer 1: Alright, now I'll just plug in this variable, add this if statement and...

    *Code shatters like glass and the shards catch on fire and turn radioactive all at once*

    Staffer 2: Dude! What did you do?!!

    Staffer 1: I just added a simple if statement, and--

    Staffer 2: An if statement?! You know this code can't take one more if statement!! What is wrong with you?!

    *The flaming, radioactive code shards proceed to explode*

    Staffer 1: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!

    ...And that's why we must wait...

    What is this, Yandere dev?