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  • This is Now My Girl

    nevyn25 wrote: »
    she's completely legal though, since she herself says she's centuries old. so no need to worry about being a lolicon

    The best excuse every time.
  • Dinner (& Dessert) with Mabinogi

    TNinja wrote: »
    TNinja wrote: »
    It's pink.

    Gotta be careful with pork. :D

    Eh, it's fine if you cook it properly.

    Well, as long as your confident. :D
    Btw, what mushrooms were used?


    I'm going to try chicken some time later, but gonna give it a slight boil beforehand.
  • Dinner (& Dessert) with Mabinogi

    Soooo. Tried to sous vide. With not beef but pork filet. Like 7 hours heat bath. Then sear in high heat.
    Transformed it into pulled pork. Interesting.

    Accompanying, got baked broccoli and caulis, with stir fried mushroom and garlic.

  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    So their new weapons are just stuff with crystals glued on them.
  • Dinner (& Dessert) with Mabinogi


    Pork rind breaded air fried fish.

    This is the same recipe I use for kentucky fried chicken, but using fish instead. And prok rind instead of bread crumbs.
    Low carb food for people with craving for some crisp. It's pretty hard to nail it, and probably won't replace real bread crump frying, but the spice mixture makes up for it.
    -Whatever meat pieces you'd like to stuff yourself with
    -Pork rind (Crushed/grounded)
    -Spice mixture (I went with KFC's "secret" 11 herbs and spices.)
    -Almond milk (Remember to pick the type that got low carb. If it matters to you.)
    -Avocado oil, or any oil that doesn't use trans fat. Just don't.

    -Blend vinegar and almond milk together, and pour in a bowl with your meat piece. Preferably until it covers everything.
    --Fridge the bowl. Like 2 hours. More or less. Just don't exceed a day. Can't tell if the it dies, or get oversoaked. I'm not daring.
    -Crush the pork rinds. To make less mess, pour some pork rinds on a disposable transparent bread bag. Find a hammer, and hammer loose on it. You'd want those things powdered. Get a lot, depending on your portion size. Because you'll run out of mixture easily.
    --Throw in your spices.

    -After the 2 hours. Take out your air fryer. Pour a bit of oil on your collection tray. It's size dependent, but try about 3 table spoons. Pre-heat it per fryer's instruction.
    -Take your meat out and coat them in your mixture. Then place it on your air fryer basket.
    --To make sure it really sticks, try dipping the met in the milk bowl again, and do another coating.
    -Throw in the fryer, and heat up at about 180C, for 10 minutes. More or less.

    Ignore the side dishes. Those are undercooked bacon pieces and dry chicken grills. Ew.