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August 8, 1991
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Kindness is free :)
About Me
I got back in to Mabi in June 2022 and am looking for new friends to play with since most of the people I used to hang with no longer play any more.
  • ♥Vendetta is Recruiting Members/Allies♥

    We`re a little rowdy but also a very friendly and accepting bunch. If you`d like to meet us before joining and get to know some of the members, we are almost always at banquet. ^-^
  • Isn't it about time we let giants and elves marry?

    +1 to make this happen

    On a side note, I would like to see all the chapels become unlocked for any race to get married wherever they want. I get the feud thing, but since the elves and giants don`t attack each other on sight anymore, I don`t see much point in enforcing the racial boundaries to love.
  • Valentine's Day Poll

    Anyway I also support bringing back doki doki. Way better rewards and lets face it, we all just miss hanging out there. I honestly wish it was a permanent location we could visit.
    THIS. YES. Doki would be such a great place to have permanently added. I know some people hate on it, but I think its such a beautiful location. It`s small, yet has these little unique features to discover; like the special heart shaped cloud, and that door by the pond (which I still don`t know where it goes but wouldn`t it be awesome if it was a mini dungeon?!). For those romantic types, Doki is great for taking your mabi spouse on a special outing, or as a place for wedding reception. With the new Music Q update implemented, the stage there would probably get used a lot more too. It would be cool to see a IG mabi "bands" of sorts performing there every week, as part of a competition or something.
  • Valentine's Day Poll

    I wasn`t around for either the cookie wand or the 2010 Valentines event, but I did enjoy the Couple Breaker event, and Doki Doki was my favorite by far, I like that Couple Breaker offered the second title and gave a fun choice for single players too. Doki was great because of the ability to choose your own rewards through the cat`s eye gem collection system (I got the free dog pet with it). I do hope that whatever the valentines event turns out to be (if we are having one?) that the bulk of rewards will not be gems and potions again. I am so sick of gems and potions... >-<