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  • its probably just me

    I guess I'll point this out since everyone seems to be so focused on either the OP's literacy or lack there of, or whether or not Ninja is a newbie-friendly talent.

    Goblins, Kobolds and Imps are monsters in Mabi that I have nicknamed "Newbie Killers". They are smallish, unassuming and overall fodder like in most RPGs. However, in Mabinogi, they have a much higher Critical Proc rate than most anything else. The exception to this are Imps, which are known for spamming Lightning Bolt. New Players tend to NOT have high defensive stats or armor early-game when they start encountering these mobs, and as a result of treating them like they are in every other RPG, they rush in and get Crit-smacked to death or roasted with lightning.

    Regarding your choices of skills, by the sounds of it, you got to Expert Warrior and then switched to Ninja. This is both a smart and foolish choice. Smart in the sense that Ninja's Damage is calculated based on your Strength and Will stats, and Warrior is one of the largest sources of Strength. Ninja also gives you a ranged melee attack as your normal attack. This choices is Foolish in the sense that you are trading a trained up talent for a novice one, so unless you properly blend ranked skills from warrior into your combat with ninja, you will just not have all the damage potential you would as a full warrior.

    There is also a fair bit of info lacking to offer better help. Such as weapon and skill choices you used when fighting as a warrior and getting crit-smacked around. Did you use Counter at all? Did you use Defense at all? Windmill? or did you just run in with Smash trying to OP-stomp them, only to have the attack order overwritten by the Kobolds using a Normal Attack or Counter? There are people out there willing to help you get better at mabi, but honestly, the Forums are one of the worst places to find it.
  • 500,000 gold for what exactly?

    So long as it becomes possible to create a player shop that we don't have to deal with the housing channel, I will be interested.
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Everyone complaining about Gachas. Just give it a little time. The proverbial $#!^ Storm that EA/DICE has kicked up over Star Wars Battlefront 2 will end up branding all forms of Gachapon, Loot Crates, (Insert Micro-Transaction based chance item here), as Gambling, which by Law, is illegal for anyone to participate in if they are under the age of 21.

    So again, give it time, We'll more than likely get Outfit Bags back as the way things are going, Gachas will become a thing of the past.
  • Questions about new Mabinogi

    Lets see....

    1: Yes, Windmill is still one of the earliest skills recommended to rank, not because its a pain, but because of versatility. As for Refining.... that can be ranked fairly quickly when done along-side Metallurgy.

    2: The Genesis Update completely removed the old Elf/Giant Intro/Transformation Quests. They now get a basic Intro and Gen 1, They get their Transformation in Gen 2 like Humans do. The only way you can do the old quests, is, if by some random act of god, you had a giant or elf made and those quests started before Genesis was added. As for Free Human cards, no, we are given (I believe) 5 Basic Character Cards to start with. The first one you use, will be given free premium choices during initial Character Creation, unless you have already made a character which would have made use of the free premium choices then. Existing Players who had accounts before these were added to the list of things new players get, were retroactively given 5 basic Character Cards.

    3: Elves have not been given Lance, and Giants have not been given Archery. Based on LORE, the Giants refuse to have anything to do with Archery because the Elves use it. I'm also pretty sure that Elves do not use Lance for the exact same reason they cannot use two-handed Swords, and why Humans can only use a lance, while Giants can use a Lance with a shield. Short of Gae Bolg from the Fate Gacha, Lances are massive hunks of steel that are really, just unrealistic to use on foot, yet we are able to somehow.

    4: As stated above, the difficulty of Generation Based content from Generation 9: Alchemist, onward, is based on your character's Total Level. In this case, Generation 18, or Saga, is a clear example of this. But for the sake of defining the system. Beginner = Lv 1 -> Lv 99 / Intermediate lv 100 -> Lv 299(499) / Advanced = Lv 300(500) -> Lv 999 / Hard Mode = Lv 1,000+. The only thing I am not sure on, is the transition from Intermediate to Advanced. Can't remember if the threshold is at Lv 300 or Lv 500.

    5: You must mean the Renovations. The Renovations have been a major boon to Warrior/Close Combat Mostly to Humans dual-wielding Swords. Magic got Advanced level Lightning Magic and a few tweaks. Archery got the least number of improvements. Renovation also saw the Rebirth Update which overhauled the Dungeon System, as well as the introduction of Celtic-Grade weapons. To say these updates were terrible, is very short-sighted without having experienced them.

    6: I have no idea who the Vindictus Director currently is, as I have not messed with the game since the Berserk Guts Knockoff was added. But no, he is not the current Mabinogi Director, as our current one has been a great boon for the game as a whole.

    7: If your account is still active, and you were a player on the North American Server at any point, your characters still exist, there has been no character wipe or merger in the NA Server's 8-9 years of service. There was a MIGRATION of EU Server players to the NA Server due to Nexon EU either getting shut down or going bankrupt. So again, unless you are a migrating EU Player, and your account is still active and valid, your characters, and by extension, your 2nd Anniversary Mongo's Hat, still exist.

    I hope this has been helpful.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    I'm gonna have to argue that Humans outclass Elves as Archers, which is very counter-productive for a race that has been stereo-typed into being bow-loving snipers who never miss thanks to Lord of the Rings.

    Elves get a potential second shot with ranged normal attacks, yes. Elves can use all archery skills from horseback, alright fine. Elves have longer load times on every skill they share with humans in the Archery Pool. This makes Humans FASTER with almost every archery skill they share.

    How do I know this as a human main?

    Archery is one of about 8 talents I've spent the last 4-5 months grinding out to rank 1 or Master in every skill for. I have also helped an elf friend, who was struggling with Archery, do exactly this as well.

    The biggest offenders of this are Crash, Support and Urgent Shot, however, as an archery skill, some of Urgent Shot's requirements are complete BS unless you live on the same city block as the server and have a direct T1 land-line to the building.

    Crash Shot differs between the two races the least, with about a half-second load time as difference.

    Urgent Shot is about the same, however, if I remember right, its cooldown is longer instead

    Support Shot is the worst offender of this. Elves have Double the Cooldown across all ranks. Humans at Rank 1, a whopping 0.5 CD. Elves. a full 1.0 second CD. And it gets worse, the lower your rank is.

    I do not know what kind of racial differences exist between Human and elves for Magnum and Spider Shot, as my friend already had Magnum done, and did not care about Spider Shot.

    Yes, elves can aim faster with special race skills, yes, elves can hit just a little harder as they get about 100 more dex than humans. But Humans can shoot faster in the end, as their skills are built around rapid attacks and are ready to be used again, quicker.

    One critical suggestion is to either balance the load/cooldown times for shared skills, there's no reason that these three skills need to separate the races like that.

    As for an upgrade to Elves.

    How about giving them an Elf-Only bow that doubles as a Staff? A low-grade one that has the effects of a Trinity Staff, needing to be charged to used Int Spells, and a higher grade one that acts like a Hermit Staff.

    Another option is to add Rapiers to the list of weapons able to use Lance Skills, giving Elves the lancer talent so we can end that QQ thread once and for all. And while we're at it on that front, let the giant's atlatl use Archery skills at slightly reduced damages, ending THAT QQ thread too.