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March 11, 1996
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In the name of the moon, I will punish you!
About Me
I like spoiling my friends with stuff since they are amazing people that deserve all the love!
  • (Open) Krissypootel Art shop Ruairi/Alexina

    Hi I would like to order!

    -Order type: Chibi
    -Price: 20$
    -Details: I will send a ref via private message, since this is a surprise commission for a friend~ (added you on discord if thats okay)
    -Payment method: Paypal
  • Mofu's Shop PP/Gold/NX/Items

    Momochan wrote: »

    Oh I'm very patient, because I know people have lives, so feel free to finish whenever! Also yeah it will be me and my friend together, but if that's too difficult then feel free to do them separate! ^-^ Whatever is easier for you~

    and Aaa no thank you for taking commissions!! Since you are so nice im def giving you a tip for being so amazing!!

    Hello, here with a sketchy sketch QwQ
    This will look much better when done. I usually sketch where I want things to be kinda, but end up modifying stuff here and there ^^.
    This is the kind of Idea i had in mind... I hope removing her hair from beneath the scarf is not a problem, did it for better movement of the hair due to the "magic" which the 2 charas are creating ^^.
    Might also change your character's feet position, I want to give the impression of floating.
    All in all this is a sketch to show you how things are progressing and to see if you're okay with it :3.

    OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!! Yes everything looks amazing, but the only change is can you add her fox tails for my friend and then everything else is beautiful!
  • Mofu's Shop PP/Gold/NX/Items

    IGN: Moneko
    Server: Ruairi
    Desired pose: Up to you :3
    About the character: (pink/ Moneko) Happy go lucky, cheerful, loves everyone, bubbly. (purple/my friend) shy and naive
    Method of paying: PP or if you want NX then NX
    Reference of character:
    (my friend):


    Any more info you might consider relevant: Moneko's hair is actually white, but you can do light pink if needed :3 This is for a xmas present hence the winter outfits

    Also do I pay after sketch or when do I pay? :O
  • Trick or Treat?!? Free Art

    Trick or Treat?: Treat!
    Number: 10!
    What your Avatar is dressed as for Halloween: A Vampire!
    A word to the public: I shall kill you with my cuteness >:D mwuahahahahha
  • Hair Dye Ampoule Box Possible Colors.

    Oh look, we put hair colors in the gacha too, despite the racial disparity between human options and elf and giant options. Really Nexon?

    You opted not to use a color picker like Vindictus, nor add more preset options, but put them as part of a $12.90 box?


    You can't put everything in the game in a goddamn gach..

    It's not gacha get to choose whatever color you want o3o