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  • Bots: Out of Control

    Just to throw my two cents in...

    Nexon used to have a game called Atlantica Online. It was a good game, with a decent playerbase. Then after almost a decade, it's playerbase settled to a humble number. While it was still popular in other regions, it was slowing down here. Our CM Sumirei(who was a great CM) had been moved away from really helping much with the game anymore, and the replacements more kept the status quo then continuing to host lots of events(no offense to them, I'm sure they didn't have much to work with).

    Around this time, gold bots started getting way more bold and weren't being swatted down anymore. Then chargeback mules started appearing and the economy tanked badly. Some people welcomed it because the mules sold things so cheap and were okay with Nexon not smacking them down. Then the first signs of mass duping began. The economy had gotten so bad, and the security so lax, that a problem that should've been easy to fix quickly spiraled out of control. Then certain players began running around with $8000 or more in perfect equips they didn't have yesterday, and no amount of reporting got them in trouble. (The playerbase at this point realized how bad it was getting and tried to mobilize and get Nexon to fix it. Nexon tried to fix it but it was too far gone and Atlantica wasn't earning enough money for them to care anymore). Then PvP Arena died from dupers dominating it. Then PvE raids were suddenly being solo'd by people in seconds and certain weapons were doing 99999 damage and auto-killing everything. Then items went from being millions of gold to billions of gold. Then to trillions. Then the CM was moved and the forums were closed. And many months later...Atlantica Online was closed down and sold off. It was later reopened with the new people, but the servers were wiped clean. A decade of work and memories gone.

    Don't take this as a forecast of this game's future. Take it as a word of warning from one of Atlantica's oldest players. We need to begin working together and holding Nexon responsible for this before it gets too far gone to fix. Because Nexon has proven they will move resources away from this game and shut it down if it stops earning money. And then Mabinogi players will be the ones losing a decade of memories.
  • What do people like about spirit weapons?

    I think looking at Eiry can kinda point towards an answer for most people. Like Eiry, spirit weapons weren't the min-maxed weapons we went for at ttlv 5000, they were the personally-crafted weapons of our early Mabinogi days. We picked their type, which weapon, and we gave them a name. Most people who used one went through the ups and the downs in the story with them. Even if it's just "one character portrait", they grew up with the players as they beat the story.

    Taking a different game into consideration, it can compare a bit to Pokemon. If you're on Showdown all day, or into the professional scene, you'll spend a lot of time theorycrafting min-maxed teams. That is really fun in its own right. You IV breed them, egg for the nature you want, craft a perfect skillset. But universally, most people who fall in love with Pokemon didn't do it from the competitive scene. Their best moments were facing Misty with their lv 19 Rattata and a Charmander, or when their Metapod became a Butterfree and learned Confusion. In the big picture Rattata and Butterfree aren't something to get excited about in a world of Mewtwos and Mega-Salamences, but those were the Pokemon that stood by them when they were noobs and helped them in the beginning(and sometimes all the way to the Elite 4). Sometimes the ones we catch or breed out of love and not only min-maxing are the ones we cherish most.

    I have a Glaceon from like 4 gens ago that I still carry over and bring with me on new games once my team reaches her level. In my eyes personally she'll always be best.
  • Bye-Bye ( o . o )/

    So apparently voicing your concerns in Town Square about a specific mod is enough for said mod to give your account a warning and giving another warning for having 'a bad attitude'.

    Reminds me of a few years ago when a mod was harassing someone in the Art Section. Anyone remember that, how the community banded together to support them and the mod went "Okay I'll put it this way, if people keep complaining I'm going to nuke the Art Section completely, so what's more important?". Pepperidge Farm remembers. Fun times.

    Sorry, I went off topic. What I was trying to say was that I had a lovely time with everyone and here's some nice gifs with a special message :^ )




    Bye-Bye ( o . o )/


  • Dye Wars, Revenge of the Fashionogi

    It's been three years since the Fashionogi were pushed back to their home planet of Belvast, and the Battlenogi Order has been pushing down Reforge prices across the Galaxy. General Zarozian, with a team of ttlv 5k Lance mains, was leading an assault on the planet of Rabbie Phantasm. Their soon-to-be victory would push the Battlenogi Order into an almost unassailable position against the Hebona Robed Fashionogi. But our story begins with Endymion, the young man destined to someday eliminate the Dyes all-together, as he seeks council with Chancellor Buffalo over his sudden nightmares about his waifu Sabina being black-robed...

    Buffalo: Tell me Endymion, have you heard of Darth Platina the Master of Catering?
    Endymion: No Chancellor. It's not a story the Battlenogi would tell me.
    Buffalo: Darth Platina was so powerful, he could use a normal dye amp to change the colors of any outfit to any color he wanted without using expensive fixeds.
    Endymion: What happened to him, Buffalo?
    Buffalo: He was betrayed, and weakened by the influx of flashy dye amps from the Fishing Event.
    Endymion: Is it still possible to learn this power? To afk next to my waifu in Dunbarton with her outfit in cute pink and not black?
    Buffalo: .....Not from a Battlenogi.

    On the outskirts of the barren wasteland of Raspa Volcano, Endymion(now a Hebona wearing Fashiongi with Dye powers granted to him by Buffalo's true identity Darth Platina) has just caused Sabina to lag out of the game by using a rainbow flashy dyed Hebona in retaliation for bringing his old Master Zarozian to his hidden afk spot. Zarozian, preparing to bless all of his R7 combat gear, speaks first...

    Zarozian: Take it off, Endymion. Take. It. Off.
    Endymion: You turned her against me!
    Zarozian: You have dyed those yourself.
    Endymion: You will not make her divorce me!
    Zarozian: Your frivolous spending and your lust for fashion have already done that.
    Endymion: Do not lecture me, Zarozian. I do not fear the Fashionogi as you do.
    Zarozian: Endymion, my allegiance is to Alexina! TO JUSTICEEEEE!
    Endymion: If your outfit isn't 30mil+, then you are my enemy.
    Zarozian: Only a Fashionogi deals with the Style Tab. I will do what I must.

    The battle wages on as Zarozian and Endymion Pvp with trans and demigod active. Endymion's Rainbow Focused Beam swords glisten against the pale pixelated moonlight and slow magma flow as he waits for his Final Hit to come off cooldown. Zarozian, keeping Counterattack loaded, speaks of his heart's bitter disappointment and sadness.

    Zarozian: I have failed you, Endymion. I have failed you.
    Endymion: I should have known the Battlenogi were plotting to up the prices on Dye amps!
    Zarozian: Endymion, Battlenogi is JUSTICEEEE!
    Endymion: From my point of view, Fashionogi is JUSTICE!
    Zarozian: Well then you really are lost!

    Sweat beads down both men's faces as dramatic music plays in the background from some bard spam training Battlefield Overture. As both player's Final Hit comes off cooldown, Endymion states his parting words to his former mentor and commerce partner.

    Endymion: This is the end for you, my master.

    As the two men's Final Hits furiously penetrate each other at lightning speeds, you can see the resignation in their now soot-ridden faces. Zarozian unexpectedly cancels his Final Hit midway and Tumbles backward into nearby hill. Using the power that only Battlenogis who beat g21 have, Zarozian begins to glow golden.

    Zarozian: It's over Endymion! I use Nascent Divinity and therefore have the Camera Angle High Ground!
    Endymion: You underestimate my reforges.
    Zarozian: Don't try it.

    In a lightning fast moment, Endymion teleports to Zarozian to finish him off and is blown away instantly by a 250k damage aoe from Zarozian at full stacks. Divinity evaporating away, Zarozian walks up one last time to his dead padawan with feather up and weapon dropped.

    Zarozian: You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Fashionogi, not join them!
    Zarozian: You were supposed to bring balance to Alexina's economy, not leave it in darkness!
    Endymion: AGHHH I HATE YOUUUU!!!
    Zarozian: You were my husbando, Endymion. I loved you.

    Picking up Endymion's Beam Sword, Zarozian then logged out to play Warframe while Endymion waited for Platina to come Adv Feather him.

    The End
  • On the subject of being warned

    Thank you, that's a legitimate point I didn't consider. It doesn't solve the issue with editing and deleting, but that's a good point nonetheless.

    Edit: Well, tickle me Elmo. Here's a ruddy good example. Where the hell'd my thread on general go? I was using that to decide which of my pet's to intoxicate to lv 200, and it's now gone. I'd been checking up on it, so nothing fishy was going on. And there's literally nothing you could've flagged it for. You've got 3 people in general telling someone to get off the forums and you haven't lifted a finger about it, and yet my thread about Mojitos is gone. Wanna explain that one?

    Edit 2: There's a thread about Black Buffalo and global warming on the front page as well, so don't even try saying it was in the wrong section. Did I just get swatted for saying something negative about a mod?