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  • You can drink your Mojitos, but what about pets?

    Greta wrote: »
    The real question is...
    Do they actually work on pets?

    Because i don't think so.

    Alcohol doesn't give me ap in real life, but doesn't stop us from chugging it like we do : D
  • A little too much ptw ?

    This armor is definitely P2W, because it by definition gives you the strongest current armor in the game by doing nothing other than $$$. For the first 5 minutes after seeing those armor stats, I was absolutely livid with how stupid it was.

    After the first 5 minutes though, you can kinda get over it. Not only is it somewhat easy to get close to those stats with a 4mil RKA, but the armor just looks stupid lol. Bhafel and Langu are at bare minimum still used in erg 45s, so that craft was never a waste at least. And as someone said, g22 is going to negate the armor tanking somewhat. In Otter Form, I already have too much prot, so for a person like me who's literal only good quality is tankiness to "Ehh" it, its not that special.

    This isn't an opinion either, because Alexina's market is reflecting it right now. Prices have pluuuuummeted hard on them once people started realizing they're throwing away tons of money for a measely few prot when they could've rolled the Sandstorm box more for 8 max atk Altam chance instead. I saw a few people dump $300+ at this gacha because "If you don't have this armor you're not endgame", and while all power to them for doing it and funding the game, $300+ could've gotten you so much more than a couple of defense points. If this is as far as p2w goes in our current gachas, I'm not worried. But don't make this a trend, Nexon.

    Also, LOL at anyone who says the game's dying when they rolled for the gacha and didn't get it. If the game was dying you wouldn't have rolled. That's just salt, sorry.
  • Should Fighter skill be buffed?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Zeo wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Zeo wrote: »
    Major rework? Nah but like some other members have been saying here, it need some tweaking to make it actually be more useable. I barely see anyone using Fighter for a long time now, lol.

    I only ranked it for the stats. lol.

    Same though.. I never touched it after getting everything in Fighter done, lol.

    See? Everyone I've come across when it comes to this talent ends up doing the same thing. That alone says it needs buffed. Imo it's also not that interesting of a talent.

    I am guilty of training fighter entirely out of training potions. That's how I disliked the talent. XD

    Everyone I talk to does this =/= this is a fact. I don't like fighter =/= fighter is not fun. Good god.

    The worst thing is you can make a legitimate claim about why Fighter tends to fall behind, like bliss did. The big thing is that chains power creeped hard by giving people a huge toolkit without sacrificing dps for it. Some of the best things fighters excel in, a chain can also do now. Fighters still have some promising things with erg, but like someone else said, it will require massive dedication(whereas chains are about to solo content in under 1000 ttlv).

    This topic is fine, but it's filled with people with horrible logic. Back up a claim with some logic, don't just assume because you don't like something, the whole community thinks the talent isn't interesting. That's just being a narcissist.
  • Should Fighter skill be buffed?

    MrKaisir wrote: »
    Fighter skills has been untouched since its release? I feel like its lacking a lot of potential and god knows how much AP it cost in total just for that. I personally feel fighter is only good for beginners and drastically falls off during mid to end game. Other skill tree can simply out dmg it in the long run and fighter only have 1 AOE skill which isn't even good enough... making fighter only good for 1v1 situation.

    also ITS SO BUGGY

    Fighter skills has been untouched since its release? That has 0 bearing on if it's good or not. Almost no skillset gets touched after release.

    I feel like it's lacking a lot of potential and god knows how much AP it cost in total just for that. 1920 AP. Found out how much in 60 seconds.

    I personally feel fighter is only good for beginners Facts =/= your feelings.

    Other skill tree can simply out dmg it in the long run By that logic all skillsets are irrelevant and we should all pick up a chain or lance.

    fighter only have 1 AOE skill which isn't even good enough You have two equips for a reason. I don't see archers complaining about not getting a charge move.

    making fighter only good for 1v1 situation Fighter/Monk by RPG nature is meant to excel at 1v1.

    If you're a newer player hoping to get into fighter, imo just go for it and you'll find its better than you think. Don't listen when someone tells you ___ is better, because there hasn't been an MMO where the elitists don't brag about how superior their choice is. Fighter has a lot of synergy in this game if you're versatile.

    If you're a vet wanting to be "hip and unique" compared to the rest of us and need a fighter buff instead of learning, well good luck I suppose.
  • This is your local MabiConnus Weather Forcast!♫♪♫♪

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    Problem with your logic is the thing you said earlier, that it's hypocritical to support or condemn one and not the other. Both are things a player can do atm, and both are against ToS(one's obviously against ToS, other's Griefing). Both cause harm to the community; one however is funny, and the other's peachy if you're the one benefiting from it.

    All okay or none of it is. And imo none of it is, though we are all going to secretly snicker the first time one appears lol...then curse the 8 blessings we lose immediately after.

    It is not hypocritical unless you cite "It is the rules", to which it is the person using the ToS to strengthen their argument, while their character completely undermines their proposed rationale.

    Whether or not it is against the ToS is something I do not quite care about, nor do I think it is something Froglord should have any punitive repercussion by Nexon for doing for now; instead, I will just condemn it as being a jerk, and move on.

    Just because someone is against another, doesn't mean they believe that ramifications via a sanctified code is the way to go, because I do not think every instance of "being a jerk" is by nature something that should be included in the ToS.

    What you and I may think means nothing though, as far as Nexon is concerned. ToS is literally the radar in which they can or will nuke people. They will try not to go outside of it because outrage, and (normally) will try to enforce the inside of it so people can be more assured when they promote or financially support their game.

    We can argue viewpoints about if a joke is funny or in bad taste, and no matter the outcome our agreed opinion shouldn't affect someone else's account. But Nexon I don't think is going to seek out people's rationale when it bleeps on their radar. They either strike or they don't, and ToS is a fundamental part of that process. Doesn't matter if we morally think "being a jerk" or "exploiting events" deserve punishment, in the end Nexon and the ToS are the only things that we are going to be able to cite.