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  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Ninzerker wrote: »
    >Lack of preparation
    3 balloons
    33 soul stones
    6 guardian stones
    2 adv feathers


    (That's...not asking much for a finale showdown. You can get like 20 stones a day if you really wanna try. 2 day's prep for a boss? Oldie G3 Final took more prep)

    >Just take a day or two to better plan/train more
    Translation: You didn't hydra spam? What s it rE?

    (No one said that. buddy. Planning and getting used to the fight =/= cheese. Though did you try barrier spikes?)

    >its only been out 4 hours!
    Updates end at 12pm here, been throwing myself at it for more than 8 before I saw ANY progress

    (4 hours, 8 hours...same thing. Still clearing content at race car speeds.)

    >Just wait for the "talented" to make a comprehensive guide
    Pretty strong implication that your saying everyone is just plain stupid and doesn't have the cognitive function to understand the complexities of the game, except for the wiki contributor that will just plagiarise what advice's, tips, hints, and tricks the launch crew painstakingly uncovers after the first few weeks have passed and everything's already laid out for them

    (That's putting words in my mouth. Player guides will be up long before wiki, and wiki's important. Don't bash them.)

    Its also nice that some can solo Rabbie Phantasm blindfolded, and even so much as look at a dragon before it melts, but the vast majority cannot inject that absurd amount of time if not money into a game.
    The notion of "why aren't you using (insert skill here)?" goes against the entirety of player choice in favor of a strict "if you didn't raise these skills exactly right you wasted years of your life" and is an affront to why many people even approached this game in the first place

    (Again, you're putting words in people's mouths. Also, assuming people who clear it are nolifers/p2win, classy. It's only a nerd when they're better than me, eh?)

    Its not that people feel a sense of entitlement, its a sense of fairness, going back to the earlier posts example take the dungeon revamp
    What did they do? Added a 0 to all enemy damage rolls and add two 0 to all enemies health, its an exaggeration, yes, but BARELY so
    The results? New players cannot complete Alby Normal, the same dungeon they just completed in the tutorial without hitting a damage sponge,. Late game players ignore the dungeons due to not being fiscally viable, And dungeons are even deader than before

    (I've seen new players beat the dungeons post-revamp. The key is not going in alone anymore, and forcing teamplay with other beginners.)

    Its within my experience that people actually LIKE and actively will seek out a challenge, but if its unfair, frustrating, and stiflingly exclusive to the player it smothers any enjoyment and just leaves even the victory hollow and bittered in retrospect

    (Personal opinions aren't objective facts. What you're trying to say is you think hard content is fine until it overpowers people. Then it's just dumb to a lot of people who don't wanna go the distance when they're already close to home plate. Which is 100% fair and a valid opinion. In fact, that opinion I can agree on somewhat. Still not a fact though, and the more veteran battlenogis are going to enjoy that 11th hour dash to the finish line that leaves most in the dust for awile.)

    I cannot really say a certain phrase apparently, so I will just say this. There are people who went in with less prep then you, less ttlv then you, less gear then you, and still won. Are they mad lads, or is there something to it? Who knows. : )
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    I can agree with that, I get that saying 'git gud' triggers some people. I do wanna point out though that if they just want a How To guide, all they have to do is wait a few days for the talented people to throw a comprehensive one together. My comments about 'playing better' are aimed at the people who are a few hours into the release and are shouting "BAD GAME DESIGN" in all caps when they died. That...that is just sad, and almost knee jerk's a 'git gud' even if its deserved or just trolling.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    ...How is 'git gud' inflammatory enough for a mod comment? Actually, lemme rephrase that. What are you expecting people to say here, "Oh you tried your best after 20 minutes, I'm sure it was just lag or maybe it even is bad game design!" Part 2 hasn't been out for 4 hours and we have people...

    1) Not taking advantage of a attendance event that's supposed to be giving us a chance at guardian/naos/full restores daily to take this slowly.
    2) Not waiting/exploring the boss mechanics when there is no timer on g21 completion unlike Part 1 had.
    3) Not willing to say that they need time to change their playstyle, or give the fight a few days to think about and plan.
    4) Not attempting to prepare a little before a boss fight, or farm up resources to help during the fights.
    5) Not trying to understand that people have already beaten it and saying they're just p2win or reforge spammers.
    6) Not asking a friend to hold 3 adv feathers(like 10-20k gold each...) for a second and res them if something goes haywire.
    7) Not admitting that what they want is to brute force the content on Day 1 so they can say they're awesome and return to afking with their shiny new reward.

    That is the exact mindset that spawned Dark Soul's 'Git Gud' movement originally. It became a thing because when Dark Souls hit the mainstream, we had a ton of people looking for instant accomplishment getting splatted then complaining that the game was bad instead of improving. 'Git Gud' has become so integral to this whole challenge/satisfaction debate that it's a meme that we now say on frustratingly dumb odds like 100% achievement rate on fps games with 700 trophies or 1v9ing in Mobas.

    I'll even concede every point up till now and say hypothetically it didn't matter; We still have people wanting to beat the final boss(or even the mid boss) four hours in with no hiccups. Every MMO has people who will do this of course, glory seekers and people who are in to brag or just the thrill. But new content is considered well done when it takes the general audience some time to chew through and aren't 100% before 24 hours are up. That's not even an opinion, that's good game design by default definition. And the only way they're going to win on Day 1 like the glory seekers are better. 'Git Gud', as it were.

    I honestly would not even respond to that comment and even respect the idea of turning the thread's acidic levels down(I called some of em pathetic I'm pretty sure as an example), if there has been literally anything done for the toxicity levels on this forum since I came back. These forums were in a cesspool status when I came back, and I have barely seen any attempt at fixing it as of yet. Where were the warning messages when people were mobbing users and hijacking threads? Where's the Nexon employees enforcing ToS or at the very least re-drawing a few lines in the sand? How bout that certain thread topic that as of yet has had 0 word from Nexon about reminding people to follow ToS and just a ton of thread deletions? A lot of this is beyond a simple vmod's pay grade and not even aimed at you, but there needs to be some effort on the higher up's part if they plan on enforcing rules around here. Either purge everyone, or purge no one and don't try to pretend rules exists.

    Edit: Heck, it's even fine when some ppl are saying there is pet lag causing issues or camera angles. Mabi engine is old and makes this way harder than it has to be.
  • is there a way to block forum members?

    This is probably the wrong section, I think it'd be under help to be honest. But I doubt anyone minds too much.

    To answer your question, not that I know of. If there is, it might require the mods to flip on a hidden blacklist or something. Personally all I can suggest is asking yourself "am I enjoying it here outside of this certain individual?". If you really enjoy posting, or even just lurking, and the one person's posts are just a rotten egg in the middle of every conversation, then you'll have to endure it for the sake of the site. If you kinda just enjoy checking up on this place once in awile, and when you do check in its "oh god there they are again, nothings changed x_x", then I'd suggest just finding an alternate place for mabi information.

    There are multiple discords devoted to mabi and their servers that are fun to hang out in, and if you're in a guild, your guild leader might have a discord set up. Mine does, and I check it for information and game talk. Guild chat itself might be a better place where you can cultivate a positive environment around you as well. But thank you for making the forums a cleaner place and not just lashing out at said individual every time they post, or trying to shame them. Good luck o/
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    If you think those of us beating it have reforged gear, you're wrong LOL.

    As someone has said already, a lot of it is down to playing oldschool vs what we've grown accustomed to with power creep. We used to die to dps extremely quickly, and there weren't things like "tanking some hits". You can build up a ton of armor to get some wiggle room, but you can't just brainlessly mash content with ttlv and sp upgrades...wait yes you could before now :' )