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  • Multi-clienters ruining/abusing events

    While I don't like multiclienters abusing events, I think the bigger picture should be looked at. Having multiple accounts is not against the terms of service, if I'm wrong please direct me to where it says they are because I looked through it thoroughly. But using 3rd party programs and mods are. I think there's a huge difference between doing an event on multiple accounts and putting in actual effort to get more chances at getting the items, and multiclienting or macroing like 8 accounts at a time just to afk them. I think the problem comes down to how Nexon creates the events in the first place. First, we have normal afk events. But then multiclienters abuse it, so now we have ones where we have to click a button every hour/15 minutes/whatnot. It's similar with the login events, people abused it so they made a 36 minute wait period. The issue is this isn't affecting the people who are the serious problem. Now the "normal" player who doesn't have any third party programs has to be attentive and clicking regularly, while the person who was already multiclienting will just macro whatever they need and do it just as easily. Even with this recent Festia event, within 5 minutes of the server going up (which was ~40 minutes before schedule to boot) there were already alt armies on and doing the event. That isn't humanly possible. If they want people to stop abusing the events they'd need to have harsher punishments when they're obviously modding or using third parties like this.

    But that's not the only issue with how Nexon plans their events. We have items like the NPC figure box and the Kindergarden Squire trans medals. where you can only get 1/6-7 potential items for logging in. So if you want to collect them or get a particular one, it's still going to cost you despite being a login event item. This even bleeds over to the event gacha's RNG. I don't know if they assume everyone plays on like 20+ characters or if there's just no rebalancing from KR's population to NA's, but the odds for nearly every event item in the last couple years has been absolutely atrocious. On Ruairi there are a couple items, such as Blue Cutiefly wings from Mabi's 8th anniversary and the green Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelet from MusicQ, that have zero stars because they never even made it into the dressing room. The fact that event items come out and are so rare that they never make it into the server just makes no sense to me. Why go through the effort and then have your playerbase unable to even enjoy it?

    This goes for both event gacha and prizes you buy with earned coins. Because Mabi limits the amount you can earn on one character, you're often forced to choose which prize you want the most, and then you have to either purchase the other items from other players or use alt accounts to get them. So even more so than trying to regulate modders and multiclienters, I think they need to look at how lazy their forms of events have gotten. Most are usually to just stand around and afk or fish or something similar to that. Off of the top of my head, I can only think of 5 events where you could spam the entirety of it on one character and be guaranteed all the rewards: Samhain Event, Star Piece Event, Maple Leaf Event, Dragon Boat Event, and Meowbinogi. For the most part all of these events are met with fewer complaints and I usually notice a temporary boom in active population with events like these. So I'd say it's more events like these we need and not afk/semi-afk events. I think for a majority of people, they don't want to be on alts majority of the time, they want to play their main character that they worked hard on. It's Mabi's event design that isn't allowing that to happen. So while I don't like how abused the events are by multi clienting, I dislike even more so how Nexon has made their events this exploitable to begin with.
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  • Never mind, I made a booboo.

    You purchased the crystal jewelers gacha, not the new one. I don't think the jewelers gacha had a side reward. o:
  • [NAB] 2x AP is not working on Exploration Levels

    @Hellkaizer It wasn't, no.

  • Mabinogi Weather Channel App

    How are we supposed to view our talents now that the Traveler Guide is that button? .-.
    Nevermind! Apparently now you click the active talent in your C window!
  • Questions about new Mabinogi

    Rezi wrote: »
    Thanks for the help!



    The thing is, it's extremely easy as is to train all of those combat talents. At 8x training I managed to r1 most of each of those talents per day. As in, it took me 1 day at 8x training to get almost all of magic from rF -> r1, etc. It's extremely easy. What isn't easy is life skills, which take weeks if not months to rank due to their high training count and requiring many materials to craft. So again it'd be humans who get the better end of the deal. And idk why you think human cities are better for life skills. Aside from carpentry, Filia has all of the necessities for life skills. Cooking pots, looms, Vales has furnaces, etc. In fact, by that argument Iria is better for life skills due to having the only locations to do Hillwen and Shyllien.

    As for the non-classic talents bit, I'd leave puppetry alone. It's mostly for utility. Same with ninja, but the stats are worth it in the long run. I main gunner and I use this page to help me figure out the best stat:AP ratio I can get for strength and int, and train skills from multiple talents accordingly. Remember, mabi doesn't have a normal class system, so the game ultimately expects you to rank everything.