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August 12, 1993
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  • Succubus Queen Trans

    I got fiend. :D LF> Queen to afk with :D

  • The OX Purge

    ShouK wrote: »
    Lol it's not even definite that you'll get it. It's like 1 in a million chance. Meanwhile simon's bag was obtained by just logging in. Correct me if I'm wrong but simon bag can't also be bought from players while you can just buy the carasek bag.. You can't seriously compare this two

    Sherri[Deleted User]
  • Old days

    Well for one there's an afk event right now so that's probably not helping that much. But I really don't get the afk hate so many people have. People like to be logged in to have a shop up or talk to friends while doing other stuff. And sometimes we're not as afk as we seem. Sure, it's harder to find people than it used to be due to lower population, but it's not that much worse. But I really can't blame people if they don't want to carry someone in a random dungeon just because they came up and asked everyone in the immediate vicinity, which is what I usually see happen when someone gets ignored. That's what the altruism board is for, plenty of people are happy to respond to help requests. And any shadow mission before hardmode really is just a waste of time, outside of quests, hard is easily soloable. If you don't even have a single master talent to get into hard then you should probably be worried about that before running SMs with people, since again they'd just have to carry you otherwise. As for just normally talking with people, I honestly have to agree with Greta. Your grammar is people's first impression of you. You might be coming off as more immature as a result of it.
  • does this hex exist in-game?

    This is a helpful tool for stuff like that:

    And according to it, that specific color doesn't exist when being generated, and I believe that counts synthesis. It might be a gacha dye but I don't think there's a database for that.

    0 out of 65536 possibilities have this color.
    0% chance to get this color on random generation.

    Here's 15 other colors that are close to yours that exist in that palette...
    #005B20, 48 points off.
    #005527, 49 points off.
    #005923, 49 points off.
    #005725, 49 points off.
    #005626, 49 points off.
    #005825, 50 points off.
    #005528, 50 points off.
    #005A23, 50 points off.
    #005B22, 50 points off.
    #005924, 50 points off.
    #005529, 51 points off.
    #00552B, 53 points off.
    #00552D, 55 points off.
    #00552E, 56 points off.
    #085C20, 57 points off.
  • Mabinogi Master Plan Event

    @Arynwen Not shame on you, their announcement was edited since it came out to say that every hour after the 11th you'd get an adventure seal, before that it just listed it as the reward for the 11th hour. Here's how it originally was:

    Just mentioning this because the mistake shouldn't be pushed onto you. They've messed something up in nearly every announcement for the past couple months now, it's extremely unprofessional.