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August 12, 1993
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  • Something to remember about Tuning kits

    Tayloreski said:

    I do call them cheap, Ive lowered things down more then what others do, Not just because the item isnt selling but simply because, thats to much. If im not willing to pay that much for the said item, why would someone else?. Like Music scrolls for example, The scroll itself is 30 gold, simple. People will make music on them and sell them for 10k. Ive seen them even go up to 50k when they are just a standard scroll :O and the black dye, its almost 3m now when it used to be 900k. In the end though it doesnt matter, this is my opinion and im just saying it because again, its just my opinion.


    What you consider too much for an item may greatly differ from what someone else considers too much. There are some people who feel comfortable when they have 3mil in their bank, and some who aren't comfortable unless they have 30mil in the bank. People view the market very differently compared to how easily they can make money. Just from the first mission point event I made over 100mil just selling the Knitwears. Between events, selling dyes, and running shadow missions it's extremely easy to make gold if you make any effort. And this is coming from someone who crashed every time I entered a shadow mission for the first 10 months of me returning to Mabi. If you're smart with events you can make a killing. I made 15mil just selling over 1000 cheap silk that I had hoarded from training weaving and keeping the "fails" from past events.

    Also as someone from your server who watches the market constantly over the past year and a half, I've only seen music scores sold maybe half a dozen times. And most of the time, they were being sold by *you*. But that was months ago. Now with the new bard bulletin, it's completely obsolete and honestly feels skeevy to sell music. It may be hard to get r1 composing, but we have a huge discord group that has a bard request option where people would be happy to compose songs for people if asked.

    I also have no idea where you're getting that black dyes go for 3m. They've been in shops for 1.4m for weeks, and I've personally had them in housing for 1.4m as well. They sell maybe every 3 days at that price. The last time they were reliably 900k was the 2015 Treasure Hunter Event from what I can remember. There's your opinion, and there's being factually incorrect.