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  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    There should be far less items in gachs (this would limit the amount of bleep you can get) & bring back seasonal and holiday direct purchase outfits. If Nexon put the time and effort into quality items and outfits, players would continue to spend money and the game wouldn't tank. However, they don't seem to care at all about Mabinogi (how long did it take for us to get a homestead update?!) and I am tired as well of these cruddy hair etc coupons, which result in too many players either having to spend 2+ Mil to get a hairstyle/eyes/mouth they desire - so there should be a PERMANENT gachapon for those things if Nexon wishes to continue this insanity. Tip Nexon: players often won't bother to play a game if they are unhappy with the way their characters look and they don't wish to spend a fortune on hair and eyes. There are ways to make money with the game if they try harder. Let's also try to keep in mind that many in the United States are also having a hard time financially these days - there is a rather large disparity between those who have and have not. So, that said, Nexon needs to keep this in mind and not make things so darn expensive or elusive in game. I don't really care, either, if I sound irritated or like a complete ____. SOMEONE needs to say this stuff. So defending Nexon's actions in this is stupid. If someone is spending $50+ and still not getting an item - it is a problem. Did they ever release the stats on gach percentages, either? Probably not.. they're going to run this game into the ground...
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    ^ What Surianna said. I am just going to say that I find this deeply upsetting. Is Nexon aware that they will likely lose a large portion of players? Especially those who have been playing since the beginning? What of the EU players who can't use the launcher? They can't use Steam, can they? How will they play? Sorry for being blunt about this and upset, but I find this completely and utterly UNACCEPTABLE.
  • Sabina's Goodbye!

    Sabina - Thank you for your work in the community over the years. I hope that your new endeavors are less stressful, as it is disturbing that threats were made towards you, and no one should have to put up with such - no matter what the situation. Take care.