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  • Irusha's Attendance Check Sha! Season 6

    Heck yeah! I've been really wanting Loiscneach's outfit, really looking forward to this!
  • Making more outfits Genderswapped

    I wholly agree with the idea of removing gender restrictions on clothing, but I cannot agree with the idea of removing the gender options without adding pronoun options.

    The gender options do affect certain parts of the game, such as the way story NPCs refer to your character (Incubus King referring to your character as either a "beautiful lady" or a "wanderer" depending on your current gender as an example) as well as incubus/succubus AI patterns and dialogue.

    As someone who struggles to find gender affirming games where I can play as a woman and have my character properly gendered, having all gender options removed would mean that NPCs would never properly gender my character, which would be hurtful and a real loss. I think a better version of what you proposed would be to have body type not be gendered, and be able to separately choose the pronouns the NPCs will refer to you with.

    But TBH, going back to the original thread idea, I think Mabi's current system is already fairly LGBTQ+ inclusive (Gay marriage, Transing your gender upon rebirth) and only needs a few tweaks in order be great.

    Here are my ideas-
    1. Make all outfits available to all races and genders/body types.
    With the Mabinogi Eternity Project on the horizon, this is something I really hope they start working towards.
    2. Add third gender option/body type.
    We currently only have the two binary genders, and while being able to freely switch between them is a good start, I think we should have an option that is associated with neither, a they/them milletian option if you will.
    3. Add pronoun options.
    This one is absolutely necessary if they remove the current gender system. Ideally pronouns and body type would be decoupled so if you want to use he/him while playing a character using the feminine body type you would be able to.
  • “Frost Lord Box” (JP Server)

    These look great! Some translation nitpicks though, フロストロード in this case is definitely meant to be "Frost Lord" rather than "Frost Road" going by the regal attire. There are actually 2 homestead props, one is 眠りについた霜大剣, or "Slumbering Frost Greatsword", and the other is 静かな霜滝, or "Quiet Frost Waterfall". Also the lyre is definitely "Frost Lyre", リラ is what JP Mabi calls Lyres going by the JP wiki. Hope I don't sound annoying, just noticed the errors and wanted to chime in.
  • Trick-or-Treat Scream-shot Costume Contest

    On this Samhain night, the wretched creature of the depths will rise once more...
    IGN: Mikurae
    Discord: tinplatedance
  • new currency and close game button/popup

    I agree that having the inventory no longer instantly open when I click the inventory button is really getting on my nerves. I never used the inventory hotkey before and I find using it less convenient than just clicking. I agree that I think the currency menu would work better as part of the bag itself.