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  • I'm Low-Key Salty

    I'm salty because Nexon seemed to end the G23 Celebration Events a day early. Looking at all the info on them, you should have been able to still complete the last quest today, but they did the maint a day early, and now it is done.

    I dunno, I was stuck on Edern's Renown and had managed to get it to 35 today. I thought I would have had today to be able to do it. RIP.
  • A Lesson in Lore, kids

    Okay, okay, okay. I get really excited about these kinds of things. I've been researching a decent amount on Celtic lore, and I have found several interesting things, and it does tie into the game, as well as parts of G22. That being said spoilers for like the whole game, and beware of the wall of text cause boi. There's also some theories I have about G22 towards the end. I also have not finished G22 just yet. I just got Iron Will. So if there's stuff in G22 that contradicts what I'm saying, I apologize. This is also based off of some research I did for a history class with some really old texts. I haven't seen or researched everything, either, so there's that.

    For a research paper I did, I found a book called the Lebor Gablála Érenn or the Taking of Ireland. Now, a lot of things from the Celts were passed down orally, and many of the legends told in this were as well, until they were written down by Christian monks. The text itself is more of a pseudo-history, from what other scholars have been saying, because of how heavily Christianized the text is. Like, the whole first volume is just Genesis over and over again. Anyway, what the text itself is about the varying invading groups of Ireland up until the Celts, essentially. You can find the text online, however it's a tad...confusing to read. It constantly repeats entire stories, but they're slightly different? I dunno, it was weird.

    It starts with Cessair, who was described as the grand-daughter of Noah who came to Ireland after the flood. Now, I was sitting there like, huh, interesting, I haven't seen much on Mabi having stuff with a flood until last night when I got to a part in G22 that mentions a flood. And maybe the Samhain event, but I can't remember since it's been a hot minute. Any who, following this were the follows of Partholon, a group of people who has been in Mabi for a while. They were, of course, wiped out by a disease. It also seems as though they were behind the death of Cichol, but if I remember it had seemed unclear to me. At the same time, there were the Nemedians, who I believe showed up briefly in Saga II? Either way, they didn't last long as they had to pay a tax to the Fomors that was like, 2/3 of milk and children. If I remember, this was paid on either Samhain or May 1st, which would be Beltaine. Which, fun fact, was apparently an important date in lore? It's the day that like, everyone came to Ireland. The Partholonians maybe died on May 1st, it was pretty unclear.

    The Fir Bolg come (I don't think they've shown up yet?) and, of course, the Tuatha Dé Dannan. Now here's when things become fascinating. So, the inhabitants of Erinn are the Tuatha Dé Dannan, yeah? But in lore, so would be Morrighan, Macha, Nuadha, and other deities. Scathach maaaaaay be a part of the Tuatha Dé Dannan, but maaaaay be a militian? I don't know. Ya'll remember in Saga I, how it was spread to the elves and giants that the milletians would take over Erinn? Yeah, that happens. Supposedly, that's where the Celts are descended from. There was a battle of some form that I can't remember as it's kinda late right now and I don't have the books that made it easy to summarize this anymore, but the milletians barely won, if I remember. Something sea battle oriented? Anyway, the deal was with the Tuatha Dé Dannan was that they would go into sidhes in exchange for being worshipped as gods.

    Also, side note, I had wondered why Morrighan was the savior goddess. I had been introduced to her as a death goddess form other forms of fiction. Turns out she had a key roll in defeating the fomorians.

    From what I'm briefly seeing on wikipedia, the Ulster Cycle is around Jesus, so I'm thinking that's like, in Milletian era, but I'm not sure on this.

    That's weird, isn't it? We lost, but we're your gods now? How does that make any sense? Remember the Christians? I believe, keeping in mind with no real backing here, that this part was fabricated. Another source (I think written by Charles Squire) stated something that the transcribing of the legends existed to discredit the original religion. I think that's what this part does. It takes Christian influences, puts it into the text to tie it to the bible, and then takes a normal group of people who lost and put the whole deal in. It seems fishy.

    But, this leads into the next thing I noticed. At my university's library, I found a book that essentially documents every single god and goddess to ever appear in any myth, ever. Guess who doesn't appear? Aton Cimeni and Lymilark. I would also bet that the other two gods mentioned in G22 don't show up either. After doing a quick google search on the other two, nothing comes up aside from pretty much Mabi stuff. Interesting, right? It makes me think that they were added to the lore to help fill in some of the gaps left out from the Taking of Ireland. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, I had never heard of the other two until G22. Were they mentioned in game lore in the past?

    Anyway, in G22, it is mentioned that the three different sects were essentially the same doctrine, but interpreted slightly different. I also may not be remembering this correctly, so keep that in mind. Having studied some premodern history and a bit about religions, what I found fascinating was the similarities between these three groups and Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. What had been explained to me as being the biggest differing things with the three groups was just a different interpretation of the word of God. Keep in mind that I have not really studied ANY of the doctrines of these groups so, I can't say for sure. I think that these three groups in Mabi and their respective gods are supposed to represent Abrahamic religions. Followers of Lymilark are, most likely, supposed to be the Christians, as I've always heard of Jesus being associated with love and the number of Christians out there. Perhaps Hymerark would represent Judaism, because they were constantly scapegoated, such as during the black death, but I don't really know.

    Now, what does that mean? I think that, if the other two religious groups were just added, the devs are trying to keep the game going. I think that they ran out of source material, maybe around G9-12, with a resurgence on the more ancient things for Saga I and II. It would explain sudden Shakespeare, for sure, and why G19-21 wasn't really associated with Celtic lore, either. I feel like by adding the other religious groups, it keeps the game going in an interesting fashion. Also, by tying in some small things, such as Balor, it makes it so that there's still Celtic roots. If the Ulster Cycle IS about milletians, it would make sense as to why it is hardly ever used; the devs may be trying to not bring in other great heroes to compete with the player?

    Another side note that has nothing to do with the game but is hilarious; Arthurian lore as you know it is a lie. Lancelot in someone's OC in a fanfiction of Arthurian legend and came about in like the 12th or 13th century. Something with a 12. Maybe this is why Merlin is the only one to appear...?

    Anyway, feel free to share thoughts as well as other tidbits of lore you know! Sorry if the text is sloppy; I'm very tired, but I can't sleep because this is just in my head
  • Blaanid's True Identity

    The thing about Eiry is, that even though she has been removed for new players, old players with old not aged characters still have her.
    That means that Eiry technically still exists, and that should rule out Blaanid from being Eiry.
    Unless there is an update that would eliminate all remaining Eirys.

    My giant still has her Eiry from almost a decade ago
  • The Title Screen

    How about this rendition of the title theme. Doesnt it just want you to charge out of the trenches and into the field of battle?

    It really does! That's something I have loved with Mabi is that they change the title screen music to match the tone of the update
  • The Title Screen

    The boy in the robe looks like a damsel in distress, and I don't know how to feel.

    I have no idea who he is, as I have not done G22 yet. But boyo, do I kinda want to protect this child.