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  • Will Unreal Engine Reset Game?

    Vuet wrote: »
    I do not intend to step on anyones relief or hope, BUT do note that all these comments/posts are all speculations and a reset is still possible. You'd probably best hear it from Mabi themselves say it, but haven't which is VERY concerning, since that is the first thing they should've mentioned.

    (DO NOT READ any further if you are concerned this might stop you from playing. This is also pure speculation, so it will most likely be wrong)
    As for my speculation, I think they do intend to reset, but don't want anyone to know yet, since that will cause players to leave. Some would rather just wait rather than grind for something that will be erased soon. They'd still join later, but not play until the new update. problem with that is that they need funds to help improve the game, but no players means no money. As for others, they might simply quit due to the loss of years worth of progress. Sure a new game that's up to date would attract new players. BUT the biggest problem with that is that Mabinogi's design is "Classic". When you stick to the classics you stick with the OGs and new players are not a part of that. Some might like the game, but just saying that Mabi's design maybe outdated for younger people.

    they had said a few times before that the plan is to port character data as is, you can even check the latest interview for confirmation if you wanted to