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  • March Update!

    Not to be mean or anything but it kind of feels like elves got the short end of the stick in terms of having a cool upgrade ;-;. Feels like it'll be an archery only type of perk which would really suck. Please tell me that I'm wrong D:!

    By "volley of rapid attacks" I'm kinda hoping for some dps potential to help us keep up in dungeons/SMs/with FH but I definitely won't be holding my breath

    Iunno, I asked some of my guildies about this and they told me that we would have this:
    Vision of Ladeca
    • Elf exclusive active skill
    • Can be used once a day
    • Increase aiming speed to 400% temporarly
    • The higher total level is the longer it will last
    • It's been reported that a character with 25K TTL has duration of 15 minutes
    • It is unknown if there is a hard cap to the duration
    • The skill is activate with current level 100
    • The skill is current level dependant and will auto rank with higher level and derank with level reset

    If it is this ^ then I'm going to be sad v_v, mainly because elves were supposed to be masters of intelligence, and dex, and here they chose to only be closed minded for one thing...again. (Just like how elves aren't allowed to dual wield because we have "flabby arms" even though we have strong arms for working that bow.)

    But yeah, in the end, I think we're getting a dps like thing.

    (We should have an elf rework, otherwise what's the point in being an elf anymore other than aesthetic?)