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  • "Notify me when guild member logs in" option

    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I'm gonna suggest it again anyway because I want it to be known that we I still want this.

    As it is right now, the "notify me when a friend logs in" option includes both friends and guild members...but I don't want (or care) to know when a guildie logs in, I just want to know when my friends do. It should be it's own separate option to be notified when a guildie logs in. I'd like to think that'd be a simple feature to add, so maybe we can see this sooner than later?

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  • Name change? Where is it?

    Zetophi wrote: »
    I would loose my mind if I lost EVERYTHING. Like the game dying...
    I think people are just happy to see people :D

    Personally, yeah, I wouldn’t give a damn if I had to rejoin a guild or whatever. As long as it can be easily remedied. If some guild leaders needed to remake their guilds entirely, Nexon could maybe compensate them with a free month or two of VIP or NX or something. But I think Nexon is just trying their best to piss the least amount of people off. There’s only a handful of players who speak up on the forums, which can’t really speak for the they’re in a tricky spot.

    We KNOW name changes are coming, eventually. If anything, people are just going to leave for a month and come back once the name thing is fixed. I can’t imagine Mabi permanently dying because names temporarily look ugly or some people temporarily can’t leave a guild. I’d rather they don’t rush it and cause even more unforeseen glitches.
    SherriDanievictriaRadiant DawnWolfsinger
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    So I’ve been doing a bit of reading about servers. Obviously I’m in no way an expert, but it’s now my understanding that servers aren’t as simple as they seem.
    The biggest thing, being cost. A server for a game like Mabi costs a LOT, we’re talkin hundreds-of-thousands to potentially even millions per month. Theoretically, the smaller the server, the cheaper it is (this is likely why there were 4 “small” servers to begin with). Upgrading to a bigger server for the merge is a big deal and was likely a huge financial decision...this is probably one of the reasons it took so long, not to mention all the testing and bug ironing to make the transition as smooth as possible.
    Alexina can probably fit in the Nao server without needing to upgrade to an even bigger size, though I’m not quite’s possible they’ll need to upgrade again, which is why from a business perspective I wouldn’t blame them for dragging their feet if it means spending more money before we know how things are actually going to settle down. I’d give it at *least* 6 months before they start considering merging Alexina, but it’ll likely be longer than that.

    Let’s be nicer to Nexon. They’re clearly working hard and listening to the community, but they can’t rush these sorts of things (such as fixing the name changes) even if they wanted to. Computers are complicated, and emotions run high in the community when there’s the slightest screw change bugs is a small inconvenience compared to what could’ve happened had they rushed things.
    They’re spending lots of time and money to keep us happy, not just server wise but staff wise as well (that server price margin wasn’t even including staff, maintenance, updates, etc. which also cost extra money). They’re always adding new content, new events (even if it’s sometimes a rehashed afk’s still new stuff), new features, etc. and lets us all play for FREE regardless of those costs. I’m grateful Mabi is still around for NA/EU at all. They’re fighting hard to keep us alive and we should all appreciate Nexon’s Mabi Team for that, even when they make mistakes or leave us waiting—at least they’re trying.

    SherriRadiant DawnDanievictria
  • Name change? Where is it?

    I think it’s a lot more complicated than writing a code. There’s surely a lot of bugs they need to test and iron out. I highly doubt they’re dragging their changes have *never* been a thing before, they likely have to rewrite a LOT of programming. Guilds, friend lists, menus, personal items, seal breakers, housing, etc...they’re probably trying to figure out a way that causes the least collateral damage; such as not having to force everyone to rejoin guilds, get re-married, rebreak seals, etc...because as much as we all want to get our names fixed, most people would probably lose their minds if all of those things reset, because Nexon can never make everyone happy.
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    For some people, incentive IS to be on the lesser-populated server. That was my thinking when I fist joined Mabinogi and picked Mari...seemed like a decent population (and at the time, it was). Not too busy, not too quiet.

    It’s not like Alexina is actually dead (yet). It’s no where near the ghost town the other servers were at just before the merge. Compared to Nao, we’re now the “decent populated sever”...never thought I’d say that. But anyway, maybe I’m just the odd one out when it comes to picking a server, but just because Nao is the most populated doesn’t necessarily mean every newcomer will favor it. We shall see.