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  • which server are you moving to?

    I’m not moving, but I voted Alexina since I’m staying there (I’ve interpreted your question as: Which server will you be playing on?). I’ve been revisiting my first ever mabi character who I ditched on Mari years’s like starting from scratch, hardly any pets, no friends, no gold, no advanced skills to get gold (even with the double exp/ap event, I’m in no mood to grind..) I’ll hop on that char when I get bored on Alexina, but Alexina is definitely going to stay my main hub.

  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Greta wrote: »
    I don't see how selling gacha for "cheap" was the cause of inflation by the way.
    It's clearly because of people who farmed gold to sell it for real money. That's how so much gold generated in the game. I see people buying/selling gold every day and there's no way to stop it until people start massively reporting these people.

    Alexina must be merged. It's dead. There's barely any people doing anything in there. I miss times like 4 years ago when you would barely find an empty space to place a shop in Dunbarton, there would be shops around Dunbarton Moongate and always people running around, buying, selling and chatting. Months before AH update. there sometimes would be one or two free spots for a shop in a square, but now... There's like what? 5 shops at square in total? Even Belvast is dead too, only the first block is filled with shops instead of both like it used to be, even with AH update.
    Even the dam spam chat bots have quit lol. There was none in Belvast when i went there few days ago.

    I didn’t realize you were talking about inflation, in my experience it’s been the opposite. For example, solid fixed dyes in Nao right now are 50k *minimum* (I assume because that’s what dead server players are used to), unlike Alexina where dyes go for as low as 15k-25k, because there’s so much competition—people want to make a quick buck. I personally haven’t run into issues of things being too expensive, barring new releases or super rare items. I don’t spend cash on Mabi (Nx or otherwise) and find prices to be realistic. Perhaps the gold buyers and popularity of gachas level each other out.

    As far as personal shops, the auction board is what killed those, and has no implication of whether we’re losing players. I was an avid personal shop keeper myself until the auction board was released because it’s free and effortless.

    Regarding your other post, I wouldn’t really consider being able to log onto “ch 10” as a’s just an extra channel, if Alexina gets more populated, I’m sure we’ll get extra channels too.
    As far as I’m aware, name changes haven’t been limited to just those on the Nao server; even if it is, it’s fair compensation for forcing players to get their names server one wants that. A perk of NOT being merged is that we don’t have to put up with that. We’ve all created our characters under the impression, and with the understanding, that names couldn’t be changed. So that’d seem fair to me.
    While the opportunity to break seals is a valid “perk”, it’s only one that’s available to the 0.01% of players who got there first, hardly an impact on all Nao players. All of us here probably would’ve still missed out on that even if we were included in the merge.

    And finally, fixing lag isn’t completely under Nexon’s abilities. They can optimize the game’s performance as much as possible, but the user is still dependent on their own internet and computer quality to handle it. No one should need the latest technology to run an MMO from 2004....just because some people feel bad...
  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Greta wrote: »
    Lag is avoidable too. Just don't stand in crowded areas, also get better PC or internet. I'm from EU so i dealt with delay on many games daily.
    There's no excuses for no merge.

    Sure, until there’s an event that no one can participate in because everyone’s crashing and lagging due to the traffic gathered around the one event NPC. Remember the people who would grief Sabina’s events at Emain Stage (and why we can’t use skills there anymore)? Imagine that chaos...
    Also, economies don’t crash because of the ease of making gold, it happens when there’s SO many people who get the same rare gacha items and compete in pricing—everyone going lower than the last because they want to sell quickly. That’s been my experience, anyway.

    Also, “we’ve dealt with lag and crashing before so we can deal with it again” really isn’t the best argument. No, thanks, I really don’t want to have to deal with flakey gameplay again. And that’s not a great environment for new players who aren’t as hooked to mabi as we are. Merging into one overpopulated sever would be toxic to newcomers. The only time I’d potentially support the merge is if Alexina properly dies and the numbers won’t hurt Nao.

    Idunno, I guess I just thought server merge suggestions always excluded Alexina, because Alexina had the population of all other servers combined. As an Alexina player, I always supported an Alexina-excluded-server-merge because the other servers were dead on their own and I sympathized with those players. It’s not like the Nao server is getting special perks. What exactly are we Alexina players being left out from? I’m relieved I won’t be forced to buy a name change coupon for my Alexina chara, who would’ve most likely gotten the +server tag...which looks awful. the end of the day, there would’ve been so many performance and quality issues with 1 giant server merge. Nao isn’t any better than Alexina, we’re equal now. No one wants their mabi experience to get worse, which is what would’ve happened if Alexina was included. Mari/Ruairi/Tarlach could only get better by merging, because they were dead. Our gameplay would’ve been drastically different; we would be constantly competing for certain field mobs, crashing, NX would lose value, no newcomer would put up with an unplayable game, etc...but that’s all worth it so no one will feel left out...? It’s selfish to want a smooth running, functioning game, friendly to newbies, because some people feel sad?
    SherriRadiant Dawn
  • Spring Garden Box

    Are any of these things dyeable? Specifically curious about the Wisteria house...
  • New KR update to help newbies

    Hellkaizer wrote: »

    This isn't meant to be an attack on you by any means, just quoting it because it leads into my point.
    Levels mean a lot, it's the difference between someone who can run phantasm vs someone who does solo rooms faster than most parties can do a room together. At total level 40k shine skill adds nearly 400 to all stats. That's an extra none boosted 160 Max damage. When you're stacking things like bonechip/overture that difference is monstrous.

    Certainly there comes a point where levels indicate your strength and mean something. All I meant was, a player who's strategically mastered a talent or two at level 500 could be far more effective in combat than a 1k (or even 2k) player who's used their AP poorly and relies too much on their equips. Someone who's 40k is obviously going to be god-like since we can safely assume they haven't been sitting around twiddling their thumbs and neglecting to advance their skills/stats in all that time...not to mention the stat boost. Anyway, I just see so many people intimidate noobs with their 2k total level, when the reality is that it might not mean all that much right now.
    But it comes back to this...what's the goal here? What's the point of giving newbies an easy 5k levels? Just so they're a drop in the bucket closer to being able to steamroll Phantasm/[ insert combat scenario here ]? That's not the point of the game...