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  • Alexina Should have been in Nao.

    Sebastian wrote: »

    I think what Greta means here is that the fact Nao's population was communicated as being similar to Alexina (the only reason they had stated Alexina wouldn't be merged), and then the population subsequently requiring extra channels to handle all the strain of several channels being decently filled in comparison to Alexina being essentially empty, spare channel 1, is kind of a smack in the face. But I could be wrong so they're free to correct me if need be.

    Also this last part annoys me... "if Alexina gets more populated"... you and I both know this isn't going to happen if at the height of the Master Plan there wasn't even a boost in player attendance on Alexina. Channel 1 hasn't been full in ages. Meanwhile Nao is over here with a decent portion of her channels nearly full or busy.

    I didn’t say Alexina is getting, or going to get, more popular. I was saying that if Alexina needed 10 channels, we would get it. It’s not a benefit limited to Nao. As I explained earlier, Nao is getting an influx of players right now due to people wanting to check out the new server, revisit old charas, etc. Once the hype dies down, 10 channels may even seem overkill.

    Alexina has always been the most popular server up to now. Most players have sunk years—up to a decade—into their characters. I doubt people will be permanently abandoning all those pets, skills, advancements, friends, time spent etc. to start from scratch on a server that has nothing new to offer, other than new people. Yes, Alexina has been getting quieter, long before the server merge. That’s a symptom of a dying game, overall. Although it’s far too premature to say Alexina (or Mabi, for that matter) is dead. Time will tell if Nao dominates, maybe I’ll be proved wrong in 6 months. But by the time Nexon considers merging again, it’ll be because the game is dead.

    But hey, if y’all are right and everyone migrates to Nao: bam! You got your server merge, lol.
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    NekoLily wrote: »
    Is a Goidelic (Irish or Scottish Gaelic) masculine given name. It translates as “red king”. Its Gaelic pronunciation is 'roo-ree' or 'roo-ah-ree', with emphasis on the first syllable. In English, it is typically pronounced as Rory or Roo-ray.

    So I'll go for the 'roo-ah-ree' (/Ru-Ai-Ri?).

    This is correct. 'Ru-ah-ree' and 'Roh-ree" are both accurate, according to the pronunciation of these Irish Gaelic speaking folks:í/ (you can hear the slight "roo-ah-ree" pronunciation in the last one. Subtle, but it's there). And as we're all aware, Mabinogi is inspired by Irish mythology, meaning the Irish Gaelic pronunciation of names in the game are most authentic.

    As I've been pronouncing his name in my standard American accent: "Ru-ar-ee" is like a very butchered americanized "roo-ah-ree" in my opinion, lol. There are so many odd names in Mabi, and I'm not terribly familiar with Irish pronunciation, so I think most of us butcher most names anyway since we read things from an English perspective.