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March 30, 1997
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"Oh, they have damage"
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Musician, Cosplayer, Gamer
  • Mabinogi has been my second home.

    If we're dropping our mabi stories here, I'll write mine!

    I got into mabi through one of my cousins. We were probably like 10 or 11 at the time, and he would show me youtube videos all the time, and insisted that I download the game. My family computer was never good enough to run mabi, something about it's 3d rendering wouldn't work right with that old dinosaur. Eventually, I brought it up with my grandma, and it turns out that she had the game downloaded on her computer because it looked like something I would like to play. That's where my addiction, and second home, began.

    Everyday after school, I would go visit my grandma, and play mabi. I remember when I hit total level 100 and absolutely freaked out. My first pet was the white ostrich, I remember going to a Wallgreens and paying for a 10k Nexon Cash card in mostly quarters, earned through mowing my grandma's lawn. I would run a taxi service between Dunbarton and Tir for people who didn't want to wait for the moon gate to open up. It was this way that I made a lot of my old friends. Looking back, I was never that op, I was always wearing clothes that Simon sold, and bears still scared the crap out of me. Good times.

    Skip forward a to around G9, and my grandmother's computer broke. I entered a forced hiatus from mabi for about three years, and in the process all of my old friends quit. I remember opening up mabi's homepage from time to time on a library computer just to check what new generation quests or skill sets had come out. I would go to my cousin's house from time to time and we would stay up until dawn just playing mabi. When commercing came out, we spammed it for probably a good 24 hours. It was fantastic.

    Eventually, I got my first laptop. This happened when I was roughly 16, and I was overjoyed. I could finally play whenever I wanted! I started making friends left and right, and I ended up joining my first guild, Dualshock. I started finally training and doing my generation quests. Soon enough, Dualshock disbanded, and I joined the guild that would make me see mabi as a second home, and introduce me to my best friends, Ruby. Ruby ended up breaking up after a few months of me joining, but those few months were probably the most fun I've had in mabi. I've yet to find a guild that has a guild chat that active. It was ridiculous.

    Now that I'm in college, I can't play as much as I would like to, but I still hop on almost every week. I just got the Vates talent title, a goal of mine that I wanted ever since I picked up alchemy back when I was just 16. I'm still in contact with a lot of really good friends, but sometimes I get sad when I look at all the friends I have that have been offline for over a year. I hope that they're enjoying their lives, and while I know the chances of ever talking to them again are slim, I hope it somehow happens someday. Mabi has always been my favorite video game, and probably will remain my favorite until the day the servers go down.