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  • Stop with RNG events... Feedback. Not suggestion.

    Mabinogi is a game i usually went to, to enjoy my time and have fun.
    But all these events there is most of the time is so RNG. Have to be lucky and stuff.

    I played other mmo's out there. Having events where you worked your way towards rewards and you know where your goal was and that you could reach it.
    Or game rewarded you for participating.
    RNG events ruin people's moods. Its frustrating for all but those that get the rewards. And its a pure timewaste and timesink.
    You sit there or use your time on something you wont even get anything real out of.

    Im seriously thinking about quitting mabinogi cause im so frustrated with all of this. Unless mabinogi and whoever plans events actually plan and make events that make everyone happy and doesnt force us to use every single hour and day to try get something that we might not even get in the end. I know its not directly forced. But we are forced to do it if we want it.

    If nothing is done to make the events actually enjoyable for everyone. And rewards actually reachable. Im gonna quit. I had enough of wasting my time and having events ruin my mood and days.

    How would you feel having everything waved at you on a carrot and mostly not getting it. Annoying as hell. You would be tired about it.
    Time is one of the most precious things in this world. None of us have infinite time to live.
    And i know many have it like me. Tired of RNG events.
  • Stop with RNG events... Feedback. Not suggestion.

    This XO quiz event have been so frustrating and annoying for so many people. Spending all the time on this event only every single hour and most of us still havent gotten the reward we are actually going for. I spend hours upon hours trying to get this. over 168 hours. If not more. And no stupid bag.

    Please remake this event or make an sorry event for creating an event with an near impossible reward that most people cant really get.
    You could have put it in the NPC store for alot of coupons. But no.

    So please extend this event and add that bag coupon to the NPC store. So we have actually get the bag that we all are hunting for... Or do one of the other things... Just something so we can actually get the bag without having to ruin our day and mood by this frustrating thing.

    This is feedback along with a suggestion.