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  • Make elite SMs not require elite pass

    Greta wrote: »

    blahh, thats suuuuuch a specific situation you pulled to disagree with by using newbies. im sure they can read and distinguish elite as being the most difficult when its at the end of the difficulty list. if they cant then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ theyre gonna have a hard time playing the rest of the game and quit regardless. protect the newbies sure but im a vet getting boned over here when 50% of hardmode mobs are weak to me and i cant even get exp playing the game as intended. (let me tell you about rafting...impossible to get exploration exp)

    why do i gotta hoard tendering potions and wear a cub just to play hardmode? reset my char skills and not use skills ive spent time training to use in the first place because of cp issues? and the hardmode shadow mission is still long and takes time?? locked elites behind slim-drop chance passes at end-chests and it doesnt drop the pass i want because there are 23 different missions????

    ridiculous! im completely fed up with having to curb myself to get the full mob exp doing shadow missions. i think you can understand where im coming from.

    i mean the economy is still going to be ruined anyways by hardmode spammers, we can make a different suggestion for that in regards to gold sinks. gold nerfs to bring down the 1% rich people who spam will hurt the rest of the casual playerbase. that would make casuals quit and leave spammers to be the norm. u see where im getting at.

    Bloonk wrote: »
    thats a nice alternative, lord passes drop very frequently and being able to choose the mission would also be stellar
  • Sharing character drawings.

    chara in game


    HarukariOkamixdimsumHindsightNevineAlofmochibiBlankeyeBravelatiosVioletBoyHotaRenand 3 others.
  • Were those *REALLY* our GMs?

    the point of content feature streams is to make the content look like it contributes to the game in such a way that makes the game enticing! exciting! fast paced! showcase how unique this mmo is! spend spend spend! keep the servers running with more upgrades! love the game! tell ur friends! (new players: WOW this stream! how come ive never heard of this mmo before?? this stream contributed to my wanting to download and explore the game)

    i didnt get any of that, what is this game? something about wings? events sort of work? whats a skill? why are there monsters killing the presenters? is that normal?

  • YOU'RE CUTE- art hangout

    u touch someones hair and u better be prepared for death


    i dont want to doublepost so ill just awkwardly add onto this and also cute new outfit
  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    the progression of logging in has gone to:

    -launch from exe or website, load the pleione engine once, play, log out and log into another account on login screen without needing to reload the engine again for quick play. can relog in quickly if u dc without needing to relaunch client.

    -launch from exe, once you dc or need to change accounts you have to reload the whole client and engine, also running 250fps for me in the login screen to strain cpu and overheating

    -nexon launcher, slow play button, load engine, have to relaunch client again if u dc or need to change accounts. with events now being 1 main character 1 account exclusive i am discouraged to place different server characters into one account to play with my friends on other servers so i will relaunch client often.

    on top of that the engine that used to take my laptop 30 seconds to load now takes 5 minutes bc of updates to the game (to be fair i had 2.0ghz cpu) but i think thats just ugh with all these longer more-loading-time ways you have to log in now and all the needing to relaunch client over and over again for any small mishaps. this mmo is not tera online level but it runs my laptop and my patience ragged like it is. i have to take measures to make sure it doesnt destroy my cpu.

    i understand that the above is probably only being done to prevent malicious player activity and this game has grown, but i am growing increasingly frustrated at all these add ons over the years and blockades that hack away at the convenience for just logging in.

    tl:dr- launcher is meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i dont mind but i got things to do. hope they make it faster.