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  • Suggestion: Revise event prerequirements.

    The minimum requirement for engaging in event quests in game has to be updated. The current requirement is to have a total level of 30, which by all means can be obtained almost as soon as you create a character. With mods this can be exploited to make many alternate accounts over a short period to spam events to horde the rewards, and to trade them (if the items are tradable) to a main account. This has lead to events over the last couple of years having sub-par rewards from being nerfed to combat alt abuse, or horrible rng to prevent people from hording high value prizes.

    The solution of course isn't to make events activate at a higher ttl, but to complete manual tasks to enable the quests. One such task would be to complete the tuitorial questline every new character have to mandatorily do upon creation. The questline is just long enough to discourage people from creating new accounts.

    This really can't continue, it will only ruin future events for others as the greed of those abusing dozens of alts will flood events to gain an unfair advantage over those who don't use 20 to 30 alts to fuel their bank accounts. There have been times in the official discord during the first Festia draw event where players have bragged about creating approximately 100 to 200 alts just to spam events to reap the rewards, while everyone else gets trash.


    This has to stop, the solution is so simple yet nothing is ever done.
    Edit: realized the Lorna and Pan Bugle expires after ttl 50.

    Ign: Sorapandora
    Server: Alexina
  • North America's First Soluna Blade

    Greta wrote: »
    With the help of 10x drop rate...

    Still an amazing feat. Unlike the people constantly duping mats and spawning duped weapons on Alexina.
  • North America's First Soluna Blade

  • Avoid Channel 1 Alexina When On Connous Beach


    Friday was fun.
  • Avoid Channel 1 Alexina When On Connous Beach

    I only summoned a couple within the last week because I've been working really late, and havent been home much at all. Someone else is summoning and taking my jawb.