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  • Is there a place without criminals on this server?


    At this point everyone is just proving the OP's point.

    As someone from the same server, I can understand that there are alot of jerks, and even bigger losers who rule over them by cheating and getting all the rarest gears by doing said cheating.

    You won't find an accurate blacklist for Alexina, because those SAME people make those lists, and often enough slander, spread rumors or gossip among themselves while placing themselves too high. You won't be able to get rid of them either, because Nexon doesn't have any interest in banning the big-named parasites who are clearly breaking rules. They'll keep going until they get bored and uninstall mabi when the damage is done.

    I would just join a friendly guild, and study prices on AH.
  • ♦Healing made easy, no more burning your friends♦

    Healing is generally one of the more tedious skills to train. For years people have trained it, and have generally needed a big group of people to make it work out minimally. The training potions themselves are also very expensive, ranging from 800k ~ 3mil gold each at times depending on availability.

    This doesn't work, and there is honestly a better way. The good thing is that "The better way" has been available for use for the last 5 Years♫♪

    The Solution is summonable Ragdolls:

    These items occasionally make their way into Gachapons by the masses at times, and are generally inexpensive when bought from other players. Most new players use them to get through G9+'s solo shadow missions. The Dolls themselves that are summoned last for 3 minutes, have 600 ~ 1000 Hp or so, and hit around 100 ~ 300 damage. You can summon up to a maximum of 4 by hitting enemies.

    What's great is that they count as allied npc's which can be healed. For an example, the Drama Iria; Episode 7 (Yesterday's friend is today's enemy) shadow mission has tonnes of Barrier spikes that reflect damage. By summoning the Rag Dolls by hitting the barrier spikes, or equiping a partner with a ragdoll and having them hit the spikes the Rag Dolls can be summoned, and they will immediately start hitting the spikes and damage themselves.


    It only takes a moment for their HP bars to reach deadly. You can continuously heal them, and they will never break out of deadly since they will continue to hit the barrier spikes until they despawn. When they despawn, just spawn more! They will continue to rip themselves apart while laughing like precious little angels♪

    Healing them is by far the fastest experience gained for every rank of Healing. You don't have to burn people on the Elisinor sword, or wait for DK's to go into deadly, or gas your friends with Hydra.

    If you have your character at level 100 (1.5x Experience) and Holy Arts Talent(2.0x Experience), you can train healing very fast. for Rank 1 ~ DAN 3 healing, training can take as long as half an hour per rank with just talent bonuses.

    TIP: For those who have trouble clicking the Ragdolls, hold down your "Alt" key when healing, and the cursor won't target the barriers, which will make healing the ragdolls much easier to do.

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  • Patch Notes? THEY NINJA'D SOME STUFF IN!!!

    Hitting objects like signs, or lamps drop things more than what they used to. In fact there are times where 2 items drop at once, effectively increasing Large Nail droprates for wood boards and other crafts.
  • [NOTICE] NX Credit Level Requirements


    They're still coming back.

    I honestly think completing the Lorna and Pan tuitorial should be required to access most of the game's trade features.

    So long as a player has the Lorna and Pan support puppet, don't let them access basic trade, and soft-cap their ability to horde gold.
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    Aside from this; Human FH gets severely nerfed, and dual weilding is supposed to knock-down mobs now.

    This is probably punnishment for failed berserker status 2h fh spam btw.