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  • New KR update to help newbies

    So basically newbies get even more buttered up than they are now.. I mean they already get like a free ride all the way to lv 10k anyways with AP rewards, nerfed generations, free pets, etc etc.

    We really don't need this update in N.A, people already abuse armies of alts enough already for botting/goldfarming. The worst thing is is that they never get punished for it.
  • G21 Release Date: June 14, 2018

    Please make the G21 box rewards untradable, this is going to get abused by people with over 200 alts.
  • Multi-clienters ruining/abusing events

    Ever since the release of the Chain Blade instant prize events, people have been making hundreds of alternate accounts to absorb prizes from events. Prizes include all of the 1st and 2nd place Festia instant prize rewards from both the Coin and Gold draws such as wings, gold prizes, and other good items. Other events include hot-days with trade enabled items that ensure maximized rewards such as enchant potions, rebirth potions, forgetful potions, among other premium items.

    These players are amassing hundreds alternate accounts just for these events, but nothing is done about them at all. These events are becoming a hand-out to the players who are always cheating to get to the top, and they profit off of every bit of it.

    In the past, with the Hamlet delegation event, these players were dealt with, and banned for abusing these events along with all of their alternate accounts, but this time they're getting off free without any form of sanction.

    Please do something about this.
    GretaLiyetaKageitoTwelieIyasenuRheySparkleFairyMangoFishSherriBrawlynBuffalosand 6 others.
  • (KR) More Romantic Farm/Homestead Details

    /meanwhile people will still afk in dunbarton like homeless people.
    SherriBlissfulkillRadiant DawnDarkpixie99pawcalypseHazurahJayy124
  • Husbando and Waifu Voting Contest