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  • We may have missed the milestone guys.

    January 30th 2008 2:00pm - 10 hours = 17 in game days
    Jan 31st 12:00 am to Dec 31st = 13400 in game days remaining in 2008 (Counted Leap year)
    Jan 1st 12:00am 2009 to Dec 31st 2016 11:59pm = 116880 days (counted leap years)
    Sept 18th 12:00am is the 261st day of the year = 10440
    Total: 140737 days = 502.63 years.

    According to this shoddy time calculation I made, we missed the 500th year in game on August 31st.
    This time was based on the beta launch on January 30th 2008, when the servers were booted up at 2:00pm PST.

    Hoooowever, if we're going by the "Official release date" the "Official" -fingerquotes- 500th Year of in game time should be on October 20th next month.
  • Level requirement for Cheques to be withdrawn.

    Simple suggestion that no one should feel too badly about.

    This suggestion basically puts a level restriction on large cheques being held in one's inventory or being withdrawn from a bank.

    Why do this?
    A ) Regulates dummy character's inventories being used as psuedo personal banks
    B ) Regulates gold farming
    C ) Player safety (Dummy accounts usually have low quality security)

    To make it so people won't depend on dummy accounts for storing gold:

    A ) Increase the character bank gold cap from 5mil per character to 20mil or more
    B ) Increase housing purchase caps
    C ) Update player shop permits.

    A few simple things to point out; sure someone can own 30mil gold from selling stuff off or earning it, but some people have literally hundreds of millions of gold spread across a multitude of characters. This is more common for gold farmers to avoid as there is a bank cap of 5mil gold per character, but you can hold up to 75 million gold per inventory, totaling up to 80million gold per character in both cheques and bank funds.

    Disallowing gold farmers to stack cheques in their inventory based on limitations should theoretically put a hole in their endeavors. By adding more effort based limitations to things such as this you make gold-farming discouraging, and promote a better in game economy.

    IGN: Skyshooter1
    Server: Alexina
  • Go on steam guys

    The devs of Pay-day 2 are giving away free copies of the game until June 21st.
  • How to take better screenshots.

    Have you every been wondering how you can just get that really sick looking screenshot, but are tied down to having your character in the way by being too photogenic?

    Well fear not my friends, this guide will show you that you can take screenshots like photographs!

    Step 1: Press esc, or go to the Main interface menu on your lower screen and click the "Screenshot" option, and you'll see this box appear. Simple enough no?

    Step 2: CONTROLS!

    By default, to hide the interface on screen would by ctrl + P, ctrl + N, and the "\" keys. These make all the clutter except the annoying event and happening banners disappear. If your chat-bar refuses to disappear, press "enter" twice to make it vanish.

    I like to call the "Screen shot" option "Camera mode", as you can simply just printscreen a screenshot. However this option allows for more options like positioning of the camera's height, X,Y,Z angles, and zooming in/out. In "Camera-mode" the camera point of view is frozen in place and your character can freely move without moving the camera itself.

    Other controls in camera mode include the following:

    Up/Down arrow keys: Adjusts the Camera's height, by loading a skill like windmill to hold yourself still, you can easily adjust the height of the camera without moving your character. If you move your characters with the wsad keys, you won't really have to load anything.


    Right-click: freeview positioning. By holding down right-click you can move the camera freely along the landscape.


    Mouse-wheel: Zoom-in or out


    Middle-click, or mouse wheel button: Rotate Camera axis


    With these few controls at your disposal, you can make pretty neato screenshots of the surrounding environment.


    Step 3: You can now make quality pictures like Camera-girl

    Step 4: ....

    Step 5: PROFIT!

    Now go take beautiful screenshots. If you have fraps, you can take screenshots with the light meter in the options in full-screen mode or windowed mode.

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  • Meanwhile in Japan


    Momento update

    Seeing as we have nearly the same update schedule as Japan, expect a microsite to appear after the next maintenance.