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December 16, 2016
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  • The Skill Revamp Poll

    @Dealer THIS THREAD was DESIGNED with conversations with the developers through Twitch in mind. If we as the players cannot be heard or spoken to, than Mabinogi will be wiped off of the NA servers for good.
    However it does not follow the Suggestion Guidelines, I could however move it into Incomplete suggestions or merge it with the other skills revamp suggestion.
  • The Skill Revamp Poll

    This forum should be in feedback and suggestions, as this IS the players stating which old skill update they would like to see the most in 2017.
    This doesn't seem to follow the guidelines and actually is more like a add on to another thread already in suggestions. Since its already a little old we are not deleting it but instead leaving it in general, but for future reference poll threads on topics that are already created will be deleted.
  • Winter Screenshot Contest

    Going to close this thread since players have been posting entries past the deadline.
    NekoLilySylviaWolfeAyuReassureSutarudoblesworKitsuyashaGretaMeyZintackand 1 other.
  • Last Post Wins

    - TheNyanCat's quote: " I like how the one who just got lectured by the mods for stepping on the rules is giving me a lecture on said rules. "

    -Baiting players to flame; derailing threads to incite an argument or negative behavior; and simply for the sake of causing trouble are not behavior accepted on the Nexon forums.

    mods see how these rules can apply to pretty much anything? or I could think it as a friendly chat.

    edit: I think this is why majoirty of players got banned on the old forum.

    Except its moderators discretion. If you feel like a rule is being broken don't post it like that, but rather report things because right now you are just causing FUD.
    For that case it doesn't seem like that rule applies to them at all, you're posts seem to break that rule more than any others right now.

    Also for your edit, players got banned for breaking the rules and ignoring warnings in the old forums, same sort of thing would happen here, so please just follow the rules.

    By the way the post about Canada's broadband is completely fine and so is what was said by @Sherri
  • Last Post Wins

    - The new rules where you cannot talk about things like politics or news is kinda too strict, you should be able to talk about it without breaking any actual rule like insulting someone, provoking someone, posting innap content, posting offensive content, disrespecting a person's beliefs, etc.

    Politics and news has been keeping town square alive lately without them town square and the people who visit it will fade away.

    I have yet to see it posted in a way where it didn't insult or provoke others. I mean at least in terms of politics. Other types of news however seems fine, though.
    Also this is not a new rule, we were just really loose with it in the last forums since we had let someone run around with a tinfoil hat for a while due to no one taking most of those threads or the person seriously. So it was hard to enforce when players actually started posting more serious topics.
    However these types of topics are really not something to discuss on a game's forum, and there are plenty of other things players can post in an offtopic section.