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  • This picture puzzle :/

    Sherri wrote: »
    He used the insult 'snowflake'.. I see what we are dealing with here.

    I just lost a tiny bit more faith in humanity...

    34lj6m.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Generator
  • This picture puzzle :/

    Greta wrote: »
    It was unnecessary to quote that. And no. I suck at math, but i'm good with grammar. How would you feel if i say something like: If you can't write then you must be brain dead? There's just too many examples of things that "brain dead" people can or can't do. If i'm brain dead for struggling to complete a Sliding Puzzle (or anyone else) then you are brain dead at quoting texts. End of story.

    I didn't call anybody brain dead though, you might have mistaken me for somebody else. Maybe has to do with that low analytic capacity I mentioned before xD

    Besides, my grammar is stellar in my own language, and I can fluently speak 2 languages, and more or less understand 5. Sooooooo....
    Shakaya wrote: »
    I'm allowed to come on a game's forum and complain to express my opinion about it. That's what a forum is for.

    A lot of people disagree with me, and they're allowed to do that. It's what a forum is for. The game devs need feedback to see how their new content is going. If the majority of the people disagree with me, then they'll keep adding new puzzles.

    Logging on to call people dumb is not what a forum is for. And you doing that tells everyone more about you than it does about me.

    And I'm also allowed to criticize your failures.

    What you said here isn't feedback, it's just random complaints. If somebody complains that their coffee at Starbucks is too hot, you don't consider it feedback.
    The game devs need ACTUAL feedback, not dumbing down easy content because some snowflakes didn't bother improving their brains at school in it's prime...
    Here's some proper feedback for the devs: The memory game. When you get two cards wrong, it takes like 2-3 seconds for the cards to flip back, and in that time you cannot click other cards, but the clock is still ticking.

    You consider it "calling people dumb" (even though I didn't write down any insult so far...), I call it giving credit where it's due
  • This picture puzzle :/

    Shakaya wrote: »
    I'm not gonna mind the grind if I can ever get past this puzzle. I'm just disappointed in this chapter because after the G19~G21 chapter being such an amazing story with characters that were really fun to talk to, we just get a bunch of boring thrown at us.

    No, sorry but I disagree. You know a generation that actually had a really hard puzzle? It took me dozens of tries on NA to do it, but I kept going on.
    The G8 fossil restoration.

    This is like baby steps compared to that >_>
    we just get a bunch of boring thrown at us

    You literally just admitted that you didn't get past that... How can you have any clue what this generation is going to throw at you?
  • This picture puzzle :/

    It's a freaking 3x3 puzzle dude... Even if you blindly click, you'll finish it in less than 10 minutes...

    I mean honestly, no offense, but if THAT puzzle is giving you trouble, you should honestly do something about that...
  • Why are necroed threads being locked?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Donk3y wrote: »
    I mean the reason they cite for locking them down is a really weak one.
    I'm still waiting for somebody to point out exactly how an old, necroed thread makes it "look bad" or "confusing", as opposed to opening new ones (which actually does make it confusing).

    Generally it's a thread that no longer receives comments for significant span of time potentially making it outdated, like 2-3 months or more (or worse, years). The severity of the necro is determined and assayed by whoever is moderating at the time. What they consider a necro I guess is up their random discretion.


    But take the "elves need an upgrade" thread. It's still relevant now, and as Xafnir pointed out, it actually creates more confusion by creating a new thread and linking the old one/quoting parts of the old one in it.

    I didn't see the thread when it was created, but after it was necroed I saw it, so I wanted to add my 50 cents, but then I noticed it was locked :/