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  • This picture puzzle :/

    Greta wrote: »
    It is an insult. Read the definition of it...

    So if instead of saying "You are a snowflake" I say "You are a person that gets offended unreasonably much", is it still considered an insult?
    Because that's basically it's definition...

    lol this is getting ridiculous, feels like that whole "surprise mechanics" thing xD
  • hardest part of g23 is basically RNG

    I don't get why everybody's complaining.

    I'm starting to hate this culture of instant gratification, thinking that you should be able to finish a generation in 6 hours...

    Remember the days of G1,2,3? Yeah, those literally took weeks to do, and nobody complained. Even if you have the worst RNG, you're going to finish g23 faster than g1 at it's time. Heck, if somebody from g1 times could time travel to our time, they would laugh at how pathetically easy and fast these new generations are...

  • Remove deadly status for enemies

    Sherri wrote: »
    Donk3y wrote: »
    I say scrap it altogether, but keep it for players (duuh) xD

    Well there goes the balance of the game then

    Yea, because players having 2-3k hp and monsters having 20-50k hp is balanced...

    I mean, we all have to admint that mabinogi is NOT a well balanced game, it's actually pretty badly balanced (as evidenced by how gimped mage is, compared to how godly melee is).

    And before somebody brings it up, I'm not talking about endgame. As I said in an earlier post, you don't consider "balanced" something for endgame (unless it's specifically endgame content, like tech duinn hard), so saying that magic is really good when you have equipment that 99.9% of the active population DOESN'T have is a pretty bad argument.

    As a rule of thumb in game development, you never cater to the underwhelmingly small minority.
  • Ducat Reforge tool?

    Feel like this has to be bumped. Please don't close it, as this thread is still very much relevant nowadays.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Ninzerker wrote: »
    >get gud
    >almost 10 mastered talents Doesn't have manashield though?
    >below 850 hit points max
    >Tagar hits 900 every attack
    >elf improved move speed, +1%totem +3titles +15-17% march song I did this with base elf move speed and got hit like maybe 10% of the time.
    >still hit by 40% of attacks
    >don't have Wave racer and fleet feet but near max move speed not helping with evasion much
    >constant attack doesn't leave time for retaliation beyond few whip hits
    >2 pillars, bone drag debuff, dance of death debuff, shoryuken debuff, on top of fantastic chorus debuff
    >4.6% damage crit impale Brionac is a thing either, and someone posted a video how to cheese it anyway
    Why isn't the defeat screen auto opening the cash shop when its so heavily tailored to end game reforges and soul stone spam and speed potions
    If it was a matter of skill or ability THEN it would warrant a "Get Gud"

    It does warrant a get gud because the first boss you can dodge all of its damage with anchor rush.

    Donk3y wrote: »
    The thing is the bosses in this generation are BY FAR the WORST designed bosses in mabinogi. Every other generation boss, even the EXTREMELY HARD ONES for their times gave you a fighting chance, but this one? Nope.

    People compared the doppleganger boss to glas... ok let me put it into perspective: A good analogy of how badly designed this boss is, is to consider glas. Now give him 1000x more HP...

    Sure there was one dude that said he killed it in 30 seconds... Great, wonder if I could do it with your 30k lvls...
    You shouldn't need literally end game gears and stats just to have a fighting chance in a STORYLINE boss.

    Unless there's some kind of convoluted trick to it, this boss is pure and simple BAD DESIGN.

    G1 Glas at the time was harder than the face to face fight, and you could fight it in a party. G1 Glas's most popular strat was to get it stuck on campfires so you could avoid his charge. So your analogy is baseless.

    I'm not trying to out anyone, or target anyone in saying this but there's a LOT of things you can do to make fights easier that varies from debuffing to just avoiding damage in general. Seeing this outrage is almost sad in a way. Somethings that are really awful though, the camera while in Nascent Divinity is pretty bad. It'd also be nice if we had more instructions for the different fights and such as they involve a bit of trial and error.

    Wow... Did you actually imply g1 glas was stronger than this for it's time? LOOOL!

    Seriously dude, did you even play at that time? Glas was potato for it's time. Sure it was challenging because at that point there were like only 2 dungeons that were truly challenging in the game... A party with mid game gears would have no problem beating it, even without glitching him. Hell when we first beat it we didn't even had reborn characters, we beat it with a party full of non reborn people...

    Maybe you should try again lol
    Veylaine wrote: »
    Donk3y wrote: »
    Refer to my comment to understand why your argument is mostly stupid :)
    could of left out the stupid remark you're gonna get this thread locked if this continues into a insulting contest. Its much quicker to lock or unlist/delete a thread than constantly delete comments that are bound to continue or start flame wars.

    I said his comment was stupid, not that he was stupid. It wasn't an insult :)
    Smart people say stupid things sometimes as well :D