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Hello, been playing mabi for a couple of years now, I love doing dungeons, and commercing. I post every so often on the forums, like my tip guide to commerce. If you have any questions or wish to hang out in game note me!
  • ~ Hel’s 10 Commerce tips ~

    I'd say do that if you're strong enough to handle it, and even then it's pretty slow. I did the forest purification mission a few days ago, and while i did get a few random commerce items, it did take ages and was pretty painful haha. I'm planning to make another guide on how to make 100k+ ducats in a single run, and the Scathach run will be one of the ways.

    I'd say Scathach beach is something you should do if you're strong and not as invested into Commercing i.e. transport speed/enchants.
  • ~ Hel’s 10 Commerce tips ~

    ~ Hel’s 10 Commerce tips ~

    Hello! I’m Helryx from Alexina. I’m writing this guide because commercing is really fun, and while there already exist a few guides here and there, I feel like I can add my own level of depth that you might not of come across. These are all my honest opinions and ideas, based off my experience over the past few months have come up with great tips to help you with your commercing journey!

    1. Talent! -You’ve got talent! Or at least, you should. Tip number 1 is to solo focus commerce, you wanna get it up fast? Then you gotta put the time in. A lot of people take their time with it, or try it once and are disappointed by the rewards for the work. //train gold strike while you’re at it. (it’s not as expensive as you might think)

    2. Get some ducats early! - A great way to start your commerce journey is to do the fighter quest, by making your active talent fighter for the first time you get access to this content. Follow a harem style drama, and make 3k ducats! // another good way if you’re able to handle yourself to do bandit hunting with bronze/silver/gold bandit cards! Or get a high level to put Master bandits on finish to get the ruthless bandit badges which sell for 1k ducats per.

    3. Be ready for a fight - no matter how good your bandits dodging skills are, you’re never going to be able to avoid every bandit, so if you’re riding solo make sure you have equips to deal with bandits. Or go with a friend.

    4.Patience - This is one of the most important tips, commercing is long and repetitive, especially when alone, but the more trips you do, the more gold and ducats you make. My tip would be (if your computer can handle it) would be to watch anime on the side or read an awesome light-novel or book while you commerce!

    5.Progression! - You make most ducats in one go with an Elephant, and they cost 350k ducats which at first, seems like a horizon away. But don’t fret! It will be slow to start off but once you get a (horse drawn)wagon, you’ll be rolling in ducats!

    6. Route - Plan your route, this might sound strange but make sure know where you’re going. Time is a big factor in commercing, and you don’t wanna get lost! So learn the maps and work out how where to cut across the map for the fastest speed.

    7. Trading posts - this comes with time but, leveling trading posts is important, same with commerce mastery, really vital for that extra percentage.

    Advanced Tips:

    8. Limited goods - limited goods are goods that have low stock, but sell for a really high value! At the very bottom of the trade goods, they are usually the last thing you unlock and is one of the main reasons you want to rank up the trade posts. But beware! Seeing as they’re so limited they get grabbed up pretty much as soon as they spawn. They spawn every two hours, starting from one hour after the day reset, and always spawn within 5 minutes.

    In terms of places for limited goods it goes in this order:
    - Tir - Best price you can get, but it’s gone instantly
    - Dunby - Second best price and isn’t always gone instantly but the trading post can be difficult to rank.
    - Cobh - Less people know about it, and it’s a great price if you have enchants.
    - Tail - Alpaca/wagon run - usually a quick trip to dunby.
    - Emain - not really notable, I would usually do my last run at tail.
    - Belvast - It seems good but generally you want to avoid going to Belvast altogether, the boat is a novelty which runs out fast, too long.
    - Tara - You can go to tara, just don’t take anything from it, unless you like really long hauls for not much reason.
    - Bangor - highlander is better.*
    *Lead is better if you don't have commerce rings, as highlander gets nuked as everyone wants to get it.

    9. Commerce Gear/ GM merchant / letters / Partners- This is the expensive stuff. Commerce outfits are very useful for making great DPM (below).

    - A g15 outfit (Bassanio, Antonio, Shylock, Portia) or a William partner commerce outfit. (giants can also get in on this they also have a giant version for shylock/portia now) You want to get yourself a good commerce reforge. 15+ the higher the better.

    - Fleet feet also increases your speed by the equivalent of 5 commerce speed. An Alpaca robe is a good alternative to a commerce outfit and provides the equivalent of 10 commerce speed but this doesn’t stack with a commerce outfit.

    - Wavesweeper unfortunately doesn't stack, rather it's slightly faster than fleet feet, but its hardly noticeable at 16%.

    - Commerce enchants - probably one of the most important things if you can get your hands on it, you want Trader (r7) and Trustworthy (rB). They give you discounts on trade goods and increase merchant rating at towns. With enchants like these you can make ridiculous high reward runs at any time.

    E.g. Emain's Prices for Triple pasta make it one of the best runs.

    - Grandmaster merchant - you get +100 weight capacity and an extra slot, definitely worth it.

    - Letters of guarantee - You can get 30/40% letters for free from Festia boxes. It’s another great boost.

    - Pets/partners An alpaca is great for speed runs from dunby and tail. You can also make the very useful Alpaca robe. William is the best commerce partner you can get, but a regular commerce partner is fine. More goods = more ducats.

    10. DPM - To make the most ducats you want to get the best ducat per minute (DPM) efficiency. Don’t worry about the math, just bare in mind that speed runs tend to be better than long hauls. If you’re just starting out I would recommend taking Tir’s baby potion to Dunbarton when the price is at 7-10 ducats per - and then diet potion, all the way up to a wagon.
  • Video guide about Bandit Hunting

    Hey, thanks for the video! It's always good to see more Peddlers! I just want to add, a great tip for quick bandit hunting would be to get a friend to carry 1 unit of any trade good, the bandits are attracted to them and yet appear for both of you! Also if you have bounty hunter cards, it's a great way to make those ducats early on.

    IGN: Helryx @ Alexina
  • Hey, Another Returning Player Here

    Oo I used to play Flyff back in the day! Only got to the second tier class but I was a Billposter called Punch which was pretty neat aha, I think they merged the servers last time I checked (hard times), aha if you think Mabi is grindy then you've not seen anything compared to Flyff!

    I'm not that old of a player, I found this game maybe 2-3 years ago and started really playing 1 year ago. I'm pretty on and off on Mabi atm, but I like to check back in to see the latest developments, you're welcome to add me! My IGN is Helryx :)

    p.s. Welcome back!