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  • The owl's nest [ Update: Merge ]

    Batt wrote: »
    Darkwhip wrote: »
    Batt wrote: »
    While I really want to see a role play guild started in Alexina, I feel like this isn't the way to do it. There is no right or wrong way to roleplay, and putting such stress on teaching how to properly do so by your standards sounds more exhausting than fun. I have also been thinking about possibly forming an rpg guild, so if you want to collaborate, hmu.

    So I guess you've been partially reading all I said. And I don't remember saying that I would teach role play according to my standards, all I said is that I was willing to teach role play with the use of my years of experience and not according to my preferences. And I am fully aware there is more than one way to role play, this is exactly why I didn't limit the teaching to only one kind of role play ( Semi-RP, Serious RP, Hardcore RP are the three kinds of role play I am experienced with ).

    So, please. Next time make sure to read my previous topic beforehand. (Which is linked in this very own topic actually)

    Sincerely yours,

    I did read both your topics. I just feel like having the main goal of the guild being to teach others how to roleplay sounds more like a job than a fun hangout. I'm not sure how many people want to take "lessons" on roleplay, I think people would just want to jump in and start creating stories.

    Also, the main point of roleplay is to build a community story with others, not write a story about your own character and try to get others to join in the plot about yourself. You could have presented us with a thoughtful prompt that could apply to all adventurers, but instead you made yourself the center of the show and portrayed yourself as someone who should be considered important by others. For example, you credited your character with inventing the ranking system, and you've jumped ahead of real life by claiming your guild quickly becomes famous before its even actually invented. And then you just keep going on about teaching... what is there to teach? Those roleplay styles you mentioned don't apply any different rules from one another; it's just describing the tone of the guild environment. I'm pretty sure roleplay isn't theory you need to read a few lessons on unless Mabinogi offers an opportunity to earn an online undergraduate English degree for the next event. Roleplay is just a game you learn by playing, and once you know how to play it, that's it.

    I know this sounds bad. I'm sorry. I really do appreciate the effort you made by typing so much out, and hope that you may find some clarity through constructive criticism. I just genuinely feel there are better ways to create an rpg guild and to ensure it lasts. The guild won't thrive if its been designed to be totally dependent on you. :(

    So you're wrong again with a few things, while yes the plot here is centered on Tazami, of course, she's the founder of the Guild it's pretty normal for her to be a point of interest at some point. Then yes in the background I've created the guild becomes famous beforehand even before it actually happened in-game, that's what we call fiction. There's a lot to teach just like how I was taught these things while I was yet a teenager discovering role play, there is different kinds of depths in role play and it's great to know them all and be able to exploit them. Though I never mentioned that I'd be teaching every single " tiers" (If I may say so) of role play to each person. No, I planned to teach the one a player would seek to learn. And you seem to forget something important, role play is first of all a hobby and its goal is to have fun like a game. Just like many games, role play has different types of rules depending on the mode you decide to play with. (Does that sound better ?). I mean these "tiers" I am speaking of is something really something commonly seen in the role play context in general, just type on google « Serious RP » or « Semi-RP » you'll find a lot of things.

    For example, I used to do serious role play on the game called Project Zomboid on New Dawn server and was Moderator for a couple of time.
    (Link here to the website)

    Finally, you have forgot one last detail. Did you actually really think I would teach role play all alone ? Are you crazy ? I can't imagine my self teaching to 20 players at once. I expect my self to recruit experienced role players to aid me in this domain, you can be sure of that. So no, you are wrong. I don't intend to make the Guild entirely dependent of me.
  • The owl's nest [ Update: Merge ]

    Scavern wrote: »
    RP is best. That's all I did on Gaia. xD

    Glad to see you also enjoy role play :)
  • Roleplay Guild project [DEAD]

    ,i'm not interested in committing to any guild that isn't already well established because i am going to be looking for help with g3 and the rest of the generation quests,aa(im not in one atm bc i cant decide which one to join aaa) but i would definitely be interested in adding you and asking about and being taught rp things and participating in rp events and things

    i haven't rp'd in mabi before but it's always piqued my interest,because just like you i have been very interested in something like this!

    I fully understand that and I don't plan on focusing my support on questing.
  • Roleplay Guild project [DEAD]

    Hello everyone.

    This project is now dead

    Today I write this because I have an idea in head that I'd like to se grow in the Alexina server. For a long time now I've been struggling to find a proper role play community/group/band in Mabinogi among the servers. So far I checked on Mari and Alexina and went to look up on google if there was some sort of RP guilds/community. Actually, I was able to gather pieces of a handful of role players between Alexina and Mari but nothing really consistent or good enough to satisfy my hunger of role play.

    So you might be wondering where I'm heading to with this and yes I agree with that. Mabinogi isn't well known and it's player base isn't huge like other MMOS out there, but Mabinogi as a game is to my eyes a MMORPG that is begging us to do role play and enjoy incarnating something we'd like to be, or something that way. And this is where the server Alexina will be the trump card of my idea. I'm not sure to a 100% but I was told (not directly) that Alexina was actually the server with the most players and I believe it would be amazing to create an official RP community within that server and later on maybe spread to other servers, but let's not get too far ahead.

    How should we proceed ?

    I believe making a topic in this forum to re-group all RP Guilds of all types would be a great beginning. This way roleplayers and new ones could easily find a guild that fits their kind of RP (Semi-RP, Serious RP etc..). Alongside type down RP groups, yes some people like to RP as small groups for personal preferences, but there is no reasons to ignore them, we should instead allow them to raise a hand on that very topic to be able to say « Hey, we're role players too and our group would like to have someone new ! ».

    Secondly, teaching role play . It may seem easy to play as a character and fooling around but there is just so much depth to RP that this is why there is a set of rules for each type of RP and basic rules to practice RP. I know teaching RP may be tedious and frustrating but this is how it is, new blood is always welcome in the RP community and that's why by teaching other players how to is going to expand the number of role players to play with.

    « But what about you, Darkwhip ? »

    I am still thinking over the first step of this project which consist of creating an role play guild which emphasis on teaching RP to players and new players. In this guild, I will explain all the types of role play that I have personally learned with my 9 (or 8 ?) years old RP experience. (Too bad this can't be on my CV, hehe). I will teach the basic concept of role play, creating a character and getting the new blood familiar with the RP vocabulary.
    But before all that, I need to know if this kind of project interests the community of Alexina at least a bit before paying VIP for nothing. Though this kind of project is risky and it's chance to work is a big flat 50/50. So this is why I am posting here in hope to increase my chances.

    « And what about this guild you spoke of ? »

    So like I said, I imagine my self creating a RP Guild which includes all " tiers " of RP: Semi-RP, Serious RP, Hardcore RP. I will personally teach those willing to and introduce RP to players who are interested in. Beside that, I will certainly recruit other teachers I will acknowledge as capable to aid in this project of spreading the knowledge of role play. Depending of the players I'll be teaching, I will make up short events/quests/missions that will train what they learned and explore the possibilities and non-existing boundaries of role play. I'll do my best with the time I have, since I work during the night and I live in Canada so their might be time issues between me and a player.

    « Okay Darkwhip, what about I ? What can I do if I want to help you ? »

    Are you a role player ? A RP Guild master ? Or just a player willing to give a hand out of kindness ? If you have responded yes to one of those then: spread the word ! Speak to people about this idea/project and refer them to me. I really need to know if this project will interest people or not. If you are a role player and consider yourself as a potential teacher for my Guild then please let me hear what you have to say for yourself, give me all you got to convince me of how knowledgeable you are ! (Yes I'm taking you by the guts ! :D). If you are a Guild master of an RP Guild, I believe we should create an OOC (Out of character) and RP alliance with our Guilds (Once mine is created of course). We could group together as leaders to write down a Lore/Background of how our Guilds made an alliance and why. But of course, at anytime this alliance could be only OOC for the sake of coherence lore-wise.

    Finally, I have hope this project can see the sunrise if we work together and I am sure we can create something new and unique in the community. Also, in case this project doesn't work, I hope this topic at least light up a spark in the community to consolidate the RP community.

    If you have any questions, please write them down below in the comments or contact me directly.

    Sincerely yours,
  • Isn't it about time we let giants and elves marry?

    nomigid15 wrote: »
    Or set up a wedding chapel in Belvast (y'know, that place where even humans and fomorians get along just fine).

    When does the fomor race comes out ?