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  • Should Mabi crank out a Corona event package?

    They should hand out toilet paper bombs.
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  • anyone here from 2008?

    GhostFish wrote: »
    I just jumped back in today and uh... seems like a LOT has happened and changed. Does anyone have any recommendations for best/fastest ways to catch up on all the "new" content? Otherwise I'd just like to chat with people and see what's the hottest tea around here these days!

    Memoirs is the quickest way to catch up. Lot of the objectives in memoirs will help you understand game mechanics old and new, it will also power level you to a point where you can do most content in the game.
  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    Nexon NA attempting to bring back Kartrider
  • Can't go to Channel 2 Alexina

    Crims wrote: »
    I blame the cloud. We never had this many channel issues before the cloud. Bleep the cloud.

  • Ripped off and not Happy

    Draech wrote: »
    Leinei wrote: »
    Crims wrote: »
    The entitlement is rising in the forums lately.

    At an annoying rate, if you ask me. -_-

    Unfortunately, I think this is due to the AAA industry. They've sent the video game market into a devs vs. consumers relationship, where the consumers always feel like the deveolpment team/company is trying to steal their money and time, and the devs feel like the consumers are never happy with anything unless the game is offered 100% for free with continued support.

    While I don't like this kind of relationship, I can't say it's surprising when you look at how poorly EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft and others have represented video game companies recently.

    Edit: Oh, and Blizzard. Let's not forget those guys, with Diablo Immortal and the whole Blitzchung debacle.

    That's because the entitlement mainly comes from those companies. In AAA they don't care about appealing towards the consumer, they only care about appealing towards their stock share holders. The only time when you start hearing about "gamer entitlement" is when it's actually the company trying to deflect blame onto the gaming consumer for not buying their products, which in turn makes them sound entitled, because their arguments always fall onto how their company deserves those sales no matter how good or how bad their product turns out. Indie scene isn't blameless either, it's rare, but sometimes indie devs do have a habit of lashing out towards the game community for not receiving enough support. Only reason why there have been recent escalations of dissatisfaction of the gaming community is due to the downhill trend in the game market overall, it's making AAA companies more bold in taking risks with get rich quick schemes to get their market back up, but these attempts have been blunder after blunder these past 2 years and it's becoming more obvious towards everyone else.

    As for the the Mabinogi event though, I think it's fine as it is. For OP: There's still part 2 that will be launched on Halloween day, and they usually put up the event decorations on the Halloween week (there was a year where they were 1 week late for Halloween events and sometimes they don't put up the decorations at all, sadly).