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  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    I would like to see the following make a return:

    Gold Boxes of Delights: These are boxes with Delights inside? Yes, please.

    Pet Adoption Medals: If anything, I think these would be a welcome permanent addition to the Cash Shop

    Alpaca Pets: I honestly don't know when they were last available, and having them in the Cash Shop once more would benefit the player base with a versatile pet (Tailoring, Commerce, Combat Buddy), and strong arming that alpaca above your head when you want to show off your muscles.

    Spotted Deer/Short Horned Antelope Pet: Mushroom! Mushroom! You mushroom while I mushroom!

    Phoenix Pet: The Phoenix Pet was last available (from my search on the Wiki) in 2016. It's been a while, and reintroducing them back to the game would be an experience for players who may have never had such a pet.

    Scooter Pet: YES, YOU TOO CAN SPEED THROUGH ERINN AND POP WHEELIES OVER THE CORPSES OF YOUR FOES. In all seriousness, Scooters haven't been in the web shop since 2014.

    Flying Food Truck: A cooking buddy who functions as a heat source, a water source, a Truck to the Head source, and a nonstop, mobile cooking buddy? And hasn't made a comeback for a while? Yes, please!

    Shopping Bags
    I will put a list of shopping bags after this. Some of these shopping bags hasn't seen the light of day for a long time, while others may or may not have been in a Gachapon with an obscene drop rate. Having them in the Item Shop can reinvigorate the fashion of Mabinogi with the guarantee of getting what you want.
    Side note 1: I am going off the Wiki, if any of the shopping bags don't end with Shopping Bag.
    Side note 2: I see the shopping bags for the Aces Outfits. If we have a similar event to the Master Plan event, or Free Ace Rebirth, I think having the Ace Shopping Bags would be an addition to the event.

    Seasonal and Holiday
    Beach Party Shopping Bag: I don't know if this one was available before the Sailor/Beachwear Shopping Bags this year. If it was, this shopping bag and the Sailor/Beachwear/Summer Vacation Shopping Bags would be an excellent seasonal addition to the Cash shop for Mabi Summers.

    Royal Academy, Afterschool, Clever Student, Elite Student, Duffle Coat, Urban Shopping Bags: It's that time of the year! School, College, and other Educational Institutions are welcoming new students. As the students and faculty return to school, the days begin to grow cold and call for warmer clothing.

    Witch-In-Training, Bell Fox, Cirque Dress-Like-Anju, Dress-Like-Hagi, Halloween Vampire, Halloween Frankenstein, Halloween Vampire Hunter, Night Mage, Night Witch Shopping Bags: These shopping bags/boxes would be a welcome addition for October this year, because we all like to dress up for Halloween! The time is right, and the spirit of Halloween is alive in all Erinn Inhabitants (and those outside of Erinn).

    Late Fall ~ Winter
    Astrologer, Cosmic Prince/Princess Shopping Bags: It's nearing the time of the year when Daylight Savings hits: days are shorter and nights are longer, exposing us to the stars for a longer period of time. The Astrologer Shopping Bag would be welcome around this time.

    Wind and Water Shaman: We could have the Wind Shaman return for Fall (so windy), and the Water Shaman return for Winter (snow is water).

    Winter Prince, Winter Princess, Skating Outfit: For cold winter times.

    This post is getting long, and this is a general and somewhat concrete idea. It's been a long time for some of these items!