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  • Revamp the [Obsolete] Summon Golem Skill

    Hello, Hisame. I have to say, your ideas have me curious, wanting to share feed back, and interested in giving my own two cents!
    Flame Burst
    -FB Could cover a much longer distance or greater radius, but it should be superior to normal Flame Bursts coming from Cylinders.

    Would this version of Flame Burst require both a Cylinder and a Guard Cylinder? They could add an animation that has you using both arms. Like, you use the default version of Flame Burst when you only have a Cylinder or Guard Cylinder equipped, not both, and this version when you have both equipped.
    Water Cannon
    -Water Cannon can become more of a Water Beam cannon which reaches longer distances and maybe knocks back everything in its path.
    -Alternatively, how about adding charges to the golem's cylinder (Like 30) and then allowing them to be fired rapidly like an automatic machine gun

    I was thinking the Water Beam Cannon (ignoring my inner Special Beam Cannon monologue) could be used as an enhanced version of Water Cannon when we use Elemental Wave. As we Rank Elemental Wave, the damage, radius, and distance of Water Beam Cannon will be increased. Given my thoughts are firing a very high pressured blast of water, this skill would move us back a la Heat Buster.
    Heat Buster
    -The Heat busting can be used to Rocket-Boost the Golem towards an enemy and cause damage somehow
    -Maybe have a much longer targetting range

    No thoughts on this aside from the image of Rocket Golems. :D
    -How about allowing the Golem to be Shocked?
    -Another option can be controlling the flow of shock so that its one constant stream of electricity hitting nearby targets non stop, causing similar damage to the original shock, except condensing its power and duration into a smaller but more powerful burst.

    As Amaraz pointed out, Golems can be shocked. I don't have much feedback on this version of Shock.
    -Maybe instead of coming out of Hydras, it can come out of the Golems Mouth and directed at targets manually for enhanced damage or a powerful poison-like effect.

    While I'm happy with the current version of Hydra Transmutation, this sounds interesting. With the Golem version it sounds like it could fire in a single direction a la Flame Burst, except it's a wider cone with a radius of 45 degrees in front of the Golem, and a distance of 900.
    Rain Cast
    -How about a cloud of Toxic Rain which requires both Hydra and Rain Cast.

    This one can be Acid Rain. With the combination effects of both Hydra Transmutation and Rain Casting, it would do damage over time and lower defensive the defensive stats of enemies under the cloud; Defense, Protection, M. Defense, and M. Protection (Have you seen what Acid Rain does in real life? No joke!). To make it viable, I think having it as the Elemental Wave Version of Rain Casting might make it less spammy.
    Sand Burst
    -Golem Spins around and hurls rocks in a 360 radius, or simply Sand Burst being spun around hitting and blinding every target in the AoE.

    Sandstorm Golem!
    Frozen Blast
    -How about the Ice is condensed into Ice Spears that freezes its targets or slows them down?
    -Another option can be to allow directing a much larger version of frozen blast in any direction (Like Lightning Rod)

    The first suggestion sounds like having Mana Crystallization revamped.
    With the second suggestion, I would like to suggest we have the animation for Frozen Blast, or at the very least, the graphic effects revamped to mimic a mini snowstorm or blizzard. Excuse my griping, it looks bootlegged compared to the Elemental Wave Version. On this subject, I was thinking if Frozen Blast failed to freeze an enemy, it would still affect them by inflicting Frostbite (an idea from the Languhiris Chaser), and slowing them down for a time (Like Icebolt).
    How about making 2 Obsolete things not obsolete in one go by combining Tower Cylinders with Golems?
    -This could be done by adding new Tower Cylinders to the game, each adding certain damage or skills to Golems, then they would need to be equipped on the Golem
    This would be extremely awesome in my opinion, having a Golem with a customized Tower Cylinder which can be
    -Attached to its back to be used like Jet Pack for charging or something?
    -Attached to its arm to use Alchemy?

    I think the Golem having the Tower Cylinder attached to its arm to use Alchemy sounds pretty useful. My thoughts on this is having the Golem with the ability to utilize its own Alchemy Skills. Not all skills, just like Water Cannon, Sandburst, or Flame Burst. The skills damage will increase with your rank of Summon Golem, Alchemy Mastery, and the Elemental Alchemy Masteries (Fire/Earth/Wind/Water).

    Overall, I think you have the beginnings of some interesting ideas here. Thank you for sharing them!