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God I just LOVE WIlliam's Glasses????


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Zerukan, the Pink Incubus from Tarlach. Also Altam's husbando.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    There's an incredible difference in something being a challenging hard that feels accomplishing to progress in and figure out how to handle the fight. Then there's a hard fight simply made hard, with no sense of progression, and the mechanics are so badly designed that it's just not fun. And the latter is exactly what the g21 fights are. There's no sense of progression in the fights, each one follow the same path of. "We have the ability to one shot you, and really the only tactic is final hit until dead" and that's hardly anything fun. Especially for anyone playing a giant or elf.

    Sure there is satisfaction in beating these fights even if they are poorly made, but it's still not a good thing. Take FF14's Ultimate Coil of Bahamut, or Ultima Weapon Ultimate for example. Two of the hardest designed fights in the game, specifically made to be the hardest fights in the game. They all have mechanics that work a certain way, players have to figure out how to handle them, and how to defeat both bosses. Sure there's a lot of death and pain involved in doing such, but the fights have progression. Each death teaches you what you're supposed to not do at some points, and it'll help you get further and further in the fights until you eventually clear! Hooray!

    G21 lacks all of this in their fights and honestly each fight just gets more and more tedious, especially the Tagar fight in part 2. I really did want to continue on and complete the story, but having this fight be so utterly difficult and completely unfun just had me asked to get spoiled on the rest so I could stop playing the game again.

    So yes, the fights should definitely be nerfed, tweaked at even so they're actually fun to do while having a challenging aspect to it instead of just this... 'false hard' of a difficulty.
  • G21 Finale

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    Gaea wrote: »
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    Maybe that "New Character(s)" spot will get filled.


    Hey hey heeeeey

    The newest member of the Arthuan Unit is that dual-gun user.

    His eyes are so beautiful... <3

    what if that person is a girl, those armour do not have skirt versions you know.

    The NPC is confirmed a guy, and his name is Llewellyn. Don't know much else about him, but a lot of the KR twitters I follow seem to ship him with Altam.

    Also: IMG_20171213_171543.jpg

  • Runestones On Each Chain Blade Type


    This is the runestone on the Stinger
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    I really like the plaza. The little people running around the tree are super adorable too!

    Server: Tarlach
    IGN: Zerukan
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Discussion]

    I-Is that an....Altam acrylic stand?!


    I need it.