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God I just LOVE WIlliam's Glasses????


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  • KR Mabi seems to be doing something with Vales...

    Arjune wrote: »

    I am dying of blood loss now thank you nexon KR. thank you so much :D :D

    ummm looks like it's still just a teaser for now

    i am here for those muscles
    Darkpixie99Arjune[Deleted User]
  • Memento


    I'm betting $100 they're sisters and something about family drama happens.
  • Is everything back?


    What do you mean by dead?
    As in from the maintenance?
    I just want to know what it was for.
    Nothing new seems to be added.. I think..
    My attention span is very bad.
    Nothing was added except for some added security measures. It's the Maplestory forums fault we had a maintenance in the first place. Quote from OneLetter:
    The Issue:
    As some observed during the morning of Dec 21st on MapleStory’s forums, content that had not actually been posted by a member of Nexon appeared under an employee’s name. We’ve removed some malicious HTML tags that allowed this to occur, and some users may have observed anomalies regarding the Private Message system.

    From our investigation, those responsible for the exploit were not able to gather direct user details or passwords. However, we always recommend updating your passwords regularly, and not using the same password across multiple websites.

    Our response:
    Once able to determine the specific issue(s), we took all of our Nexon game forums offline to investigate and correct the issue. During that time, we put in some additional safeguards as well. We also rolled back the MapleStory forums to a period before the exploit began, so some posts from yesterday evening or overnight may have been removed.
  • Jam Session Freestyle Effects

    It's really neat that they put in a whole bunch of situational effects based on your surroundings and what you have out. The Milky Way instruments' descriptions suggest that a freestyle jam made of just them could make an effect, has anyone tried doing a group session with just those?
    With only 2 milky way instruments nothing seemed to happen, but if you have 3 people with 3 milky way instruments there's a little shooting star effect circling around your feet as you play.

    I'm kind of curious if the effect gets more added on with it depending on how many milky way instruments you have?
  • Jam Session Freestyle Effects

    I think if you also do it by a alchemy oven it'll cause you to be on fire/explode.