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  • [UPDATE] Light and Darkness Event

    Unless I am horribly misremembering here, during the stream they said that the Wings of Light were the blue ones, while the orange ones were the Wings of Twilight. The KR site seems to support this. Yet, in the event post, it claims the Wings of Light are the orange, while the Wings of Twilight are the blue. Which is it? I'm after the blue ones, personally, and I'd be rather upset if I went through the whole event only to find out at the end that I screwed myself out of the colour I wanted.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    Elves come from the desert, they don't need a forest themed summon. Don't get all Mabinogi duel on me.
    Crisis1 wrote: »
    elves live in the desert.

    Only because of the curse of Irinid. Filia was originally a lush magical forest like the Shyllien Nature Reserve; most of the entire region of Connous was either thick forest or picturesque green prairie. The NPC Dr. Lambert theorizes that the Shyllien Nature Reserve even appearing again was a direct result of the curse of Irinid being broken. The ancient Elves lived in a forest thick with magic and used Shyllien, a powerful, unstable magical resource to great effect. Elves being especially good at magic and having access to long-lost mystical powers of nature makes perfect sense, it's the entire history of their people. It certainly makes a lot more sense than "they can shoot bows better".