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Another screen shot of a lot of fun I had at a contest with @Sabina.


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Life sux then I play Mabi and everything is OK again!!
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I'm a NUA and LOVE helping out!!
  • Game insta-crashes when trying to load

    Spareoh wrote: »
    I you just mentioned a less crowded channel and every time i try to log on everything 1-6 says full or busy and maybe that's the problem and not my computer?

    Yeah that can and will cause the game to crash for many people. as a busy channel approaches full even i crash out. depending on the time of day there are fewer or more people on. If you log on at an off hour you shoud be able to log on a less populated channel.
  • Mini Pet missing

    The GM's said there was a problem with mini-pets after the merge and that they are looking into it.

    Bronzezen wrote: »
    Is there a way, I can play Mabinogi on my Macbook?

    Mabi is windows only. To play on a Mac you need to run windows on it and install/play the game in windows. Macs can be setup to dual-boot OSX and windows. You will need a valid copy of windows to install on it though. A simple search of the net will provide millions of how-to's on accomplishing this.
  • It is Coffee overdose time!!!

    Caffeine is unhealthy when overdosed.
    Do you want a few espresso shots?

    I actually did 7 double espresso's once after having worked 3 double shifts in a row and was on my 4th one. I blacked out about 1/2 hr after drinking them and have no memory until my shift was over. Thankfully I had 2 days off afterwards even though i slept a day and a half of it away I crashed soooo hard. Needless to say I never drank that much again.
  • Annoying Quest Tracker.

    Are you saying the window (quest tracker) runs off the screen? if so you need to remove some of to quests from the list then. If you want keep the ones that are in view and remove some that are beyond the view you simply need to remove the check from the box at the right of the corresponding quest in your quest window. You can add them back to the quest tracker later by putting the check-mark back.