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September 14, 1998
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  • G21 Part 2 Face to Face

    oh and a nimbus to auto attk to really slow down the regen rate (very fast hits)
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Donk3y wrote: »
    Also before somebody says that we shouldn't whine just because it's a bit hard... it's not just hard. It's stupidly hard to the point of it be very very much unfair towards the LARGE majority of players.

    A hard boss or a hard game doesn't mean it's badly designed. Making it bullsheet kind of hard for all the wrong reasons, making it utterly unfrair and not even giving you a chance, THAT is bad design.

    The best example of hard games that are very well designed are the dark souls games. Sure they do have a few bits and pieces that are just stupidly unfair (seath first encounter, anor londo archers, the blizzard place from ds2, etc.) but even those give you the tools required to pass them, and most importantly, you can deal with them rather easily after you've seen it once or twice.

    You just cannot say the same about this generaion. Oh sure, with maxed out archery on elf it's a walk in the park if you're extremely high level... Great, what if I'm neither? Sure, I'll just grind 4k more levels and max out that one particular skill set that will allow me to finish it, yeah, no pressure...

    ok dude chill i did was lure him to a corner and used my brionic(i thought it would have been one of those old school mission where using brionic 'the power infused to a weapon to kill a god' to cut def/prot but it still didnt but i was already got it at 80%hp as just went with it rip AP)to spam smash with a clouds fast attks to stop constant health regen and used like 10-30 300hp pots when it used shadow spirit, demi with wings of eclipse and trans helped A LOT. it took half an hour but hell explains the 90min time frame. Tbh i missed when you actually had to plan your fight insted of going reckless like every other SM or Raid.
  • you can cheese Tagar with hydra

    yeah this wasnt that hard for me once i looked around and saw the red circle
  • Can't close Letter of Guarantee

    This is how letters basically work
    - You Start by using it before starting or during a commerce route
    - Using 1 will increase your net profits depending on what letter you used
    - When you reach the destination the letter will be used if you sell at least 1 good to another city for example :

    1.You start off in bangor and buy some topaz to deliver to dunby.
    2.Along the way you decide to use a letter to increase your profits and when you make it to dunby, you see that the sell price has decreased(Common possibility) so you decide to not sell there(Don't worry as long as you don't sell at another post it won't waste the letter and it will still be safe to look at prices so you can find your best profit available.
    3. So you decided to sell at Tir along with the extra profit from the letter. You have completed a run while using a letter without wasting it or making a mistake(As soon as you sell 1 item at a location different from where you bought the goods, The letter is used and the window will prompt you if you want to close the Trade window thus using the letter completely)

    *Friendly reminder to be wary of bandits along the way as depending on how much the goods are worth and how high Profits are in each town can tempt some stronger bandits to appear
  • The Homecoming Box

    Xiokun wrote: »
    Training pots, training pots, training pots. I trained nearly every skill these training pots have to offer.

    Where the heck is the blacksmithing and tailoring training pots at? If they're in this gacha, I'm dropping 1000 dollars on it right now.

    Man I wish there was a tailoring TP I don't wanna spend like a mil or 2 for a few patterns to get me from Rank 3>2 :l