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  • [KR] Demigod Gachapon/Sealed Chain Box

    Still waiting on the gacha that had the Succubus Fiend Wig. :/
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    Giants only caught up to being OP but humans have been OP since the start.
    Don't blame giants if they just got revamped, blame the humans for being OP first.
    I hate elf QQ threads because they are unnecessary.
    We need more "How would you revamp elves" threads.
    We need to give Nexon/DevCat more ideas.(eveniftheydontseeit)
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    As a giant main(now) these are my ideas for revamping elves.

    Beware, it will be a long post.
    1. Get rid of Final Shot, rename Mirage Shot to Viral Shot

    Its useless and unnecessary.

    Elves do not need to teleport everywhere.

    They are already very fast.

    2. New Elf-Only Skill: Mirage/Phantom Cast

    Prolonged exposure to the desert in Filia has allowed you to master its skills of illusions.

    The skill allows you to summon Mirages/Phantoms that use skills in conjunction with your character and have 1/8th your health

    At rank F it has a -50% damage decrease but you get a Phantom summon which casts spells and abilities with your character(think of 2 fireballs instead of 1 or 10 charges of thunder instead of 5).

    At rank 1 you can have as many as 4 Mirages/Phantoms that deal 25% less damage and have 1/4th your health.

    You take damage equal to 1/4th of your HP when a Mirage/Phantom is dispelled.

    Mirage/Phantom Cast has stamina consumption equal to Wind Guard and Final Hit.

    Mirages/Phantoms may draw aggro, can be attacked and dispelled when no health is left.

    Mirages/Phantoms can not be knocked down.

    Mirages/Phantoms can miss with archery skills.

    Mirages/Phantoms can not cast advanced magics.

    While Mirage/Phantom Cast is active, all magic skills will have increased mana consumption based on how many Mirages/Phantoms are present.

    Duration is 60 seconds with a 4 minute cooldown.

    3. Mirages/Phantoms can also use archery skills and amplify their effects.(-25% damage applied at rank 1 with 3 phantoms and -50% at rank F with 1 phantom)

    Crash Shot can now hit twice to quadruple the amount of enemies and deal 50% to 225% more damage.

    Magnum Shot now does 50% to 225% more damage with a bigger AoE on the knockback.

    Viral Shot does 50% to 225% DoT with how many mirages/phantoms are out and immediately spread to nearby enemies.

    Support Shot increases incoming Melee damage by 50% to 225%.

    Spider Shot can hit multiple enemies near the target and increase duration of snare.

    Urgent Shot can hit multiple enemies near the target.

    4. Give Magic Missile a Makeover.

    Magic Missile can be casted without needing to be in transformation but decreases the durability of your weapon twice as much.

    You may load Magnum Shot or Crash Shot with this skill.

    When Magic Missile is used, you are able to cast any intermediate magic to be used in conjunction with the ability and must be charged with the skill loaded whether it is Crash Shot or Magnum Shot.

    Fireball casted with Magnum Shot loaded will knock back the target and then explode after a second of impact.

    Fireball casted with Crash Shot loaded will cause the target to explode after the fragments spread.

    Thunder casted with Magnum Shot loaded will cause thunder strikes a few seconds after being knocked back(thunder strikes are based upon how many were casted).

    Thunder casted with Crash Shot loaded will cause the target and nearby enemies hit with the fragments to take thunder strikes(thunder strikes are based upon how many were casted).

    Ice Spear casted with Magnum Shot loaded will cause the target to freeze instantly after being hit with the shot and cause the Ice Spear to spread to other enemies if the target is killed.

    Ice Spear casted with Crash Shot loaded will cause the target and nearby enemies to freeze immediately after being hit from either the initial shot or fragments and will spread to other nearby enemies if the enemy or enemies are killed.

    Magic Missile has a cooldown of 2 minutes and can not be used with Mirage/Phantom Cast.

    Share your thoughts.
  • 500 level club.

    Only thing I can recommend is get carried in MA till 110.
  • Memes