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  • Erinn Martial Arts Runs

    It definitely is great EXP depending on your party's clear speed. The gold reward is also a nice little addition.

    You can also get some NPC outfits like Endelyon's Lymilark Habit, Succubus Bodywear, etc that you can sell to players for a nice bonus.

    I'm not sure what the party's should consist of nowadays though.
  • Control bars and special upgrades

    I'm not too sure about which control bars can get special upgraded, but I know demonics can.

    Artisan and Special upgrades are separate, you would do an Artisan first, and then the Gem Upgrades (if applicable), and then the last step is special upgrading.

    After Special upgrading, you can still enchant and reforge your weapon, so don't worry too much about that.

    One tip I would give you is to get one to Red Step 6 before enchanting or reforging, because you don't want to enchant and reforge your weapon only to have it potentially destroyed during the special upgrade process to step 6.

    I have always done Blue stones for magic weapons, and Red stones for everything else, I believe a lot of people go by this as well.

    Hope this helps!! Good luck!
  • Coming From The Knights Of Tir, Jan. 1st, 2017


    HTML is currently disabled, so you won't be seeing any pictures for now. It should be fixed soon.

    As a workaround, you'll just have to post the direct link to the picture.
  • [Resolved] Make potion hotkeys apply to bags

    The option is called "Enable hot-keys".

    Under Game-> Controls tab.
  • Hillwen Engineering

    Purchase one of those Life Skill Booster Packs from the Cash Shop, they contain 7 One-day 2x Life EXP potions!

    Here's the full list of items it contains: 5 Free Repair Kits, 10 Remote Bank Coupons, a Lorna Gold Box, 20 Muffins of Luck, 10 Production Failure Potions, 10 Speed Walk Potions 40%, 4 Potent High Speed Gathering Elixirs, 4 Recovery Boosters, 7 Double Life Skill EXP Potions (1 Day), and a Bunny Doll Bag.

    Double Rainbow is also coming up, so you can get 4x training with the 2x EXP potion and the event!