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  • Weekly NPC Gold sink

    There's been a lot of gold sink ideas in the past, but there's been little work to improve it.
    For a long term solution, putting a single item at a high price is probably not sustainable. Only those who would need them will buy them, it they think it is worth it.

    Perhaps putting them available for certain periods of time before switching products may help. But a more detailed suggestion refined could be better.

    Yeah I really like that! Other games do have this sort of mechanic where an NPC shows up once a week or so, It sells rare items for a high price that you farm to buy for over the week.I do not think it should be the same items over and over, but different items Like the adventure seal guy just way less scheduled. I just don't know how Staff would like it since they would be manually changing it. If I misinterpret something in your comment I apologize ahead of time.
  • Questions for Fellow Guild Leaders/Members

    I am still new to being a guild leader and to show my thanks for post like these I shall be completely honest.
    1. Do you run your guild based off of your original intentions or do you evolve as you move forward?
    Answer:I have a theme i will follow to the end of my guild.Aside from that I will change what is necessary to keep my members happy.
    2. How often do you ask the opinions of your members?
    Answer:As often as i can,Their input means a lot too me.I do however value the input of my more active members over my inactive ones.
    3. Do you strive to please everyone or just the majority?
    Answer: The majority.
    4. How do you keep your guild active? Is it natural or based off of your events, promises, and runs?
    Answer:Coming up with new event ideas that I or other members of my guild wish to do.
    5. Do you only strive to better members or do you play casually? (Levels, ranking skills, etc.)
    Answer:In nature I am a casual so I will not ask my members to put in as much effort as I can give,I do however help those who wish to become better
    6. How do you handle complaints or criticism? Do you ignore what you do not agree with or do you handle it a certain way?
    Answer: If I can take something out of a complaint or criticism I will,If I see it as just someone lashing out due to them being unhappy I try to find the root of
    the matter and address it if the hostile party is willing to cooperate with me.
    7. How do you target active players who participate often?
    Answer:This question feels a bit broad, I could be overthinking it. As in recruiting or my current members? I reward my active members with more of my time and possibly some items. Recruiting for me is a bit different, I do not always seek new members unless I feel like they would contribute something greatly to my guild. I wait and see if they wish to join on their own and then welcome them into our family.
    I am by no means a great guild leader and again just starting out. Hopefully my answers will contribute a little to your goals however.