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  • The Inevitable Merge

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Shut up.

    Years and years ago I would sometimes stumble into your comments, they always struck me as sassy jokes and not afraid to write some controversial things if it meant communicating what you think, it made you seem unique among the masses and even if I didn't always agree with your statements I respected your opinion enough to not make any counter arguments as I knew I didn't have it in me to be so brash about what I type or say.
    But over the years that sassy brash vibe got slowly replaced with malice, instead of being clever while still adhering to a threads main conversation you have instead opted to make vulgar comments that doesn't add to the topic but detracts and railroad the conversation, you have slipped from the fine line you been walking and have become a troll, someone that wants to be part of something but is shunned by the people already participating.

    I am not going to reply to you any further in this thread, do with this as you see fit.
  • At Last

    Hopefully we can all coexist peacefully and make this coming experience a great one for everybody.
  • The Inevitable Merge

    This was going to happen sooner or later regardless if we wanted it or not and there is two core issues that lead us here as well as accelerated this merge, the first one being the decreasing playerbase and we don't have to look far for proof, just 7 years ago there was not only a larger playerbase but also more people running around playing the game and the game felt generally more alive then it is today (or at least as of writing this).
    Mabinogi NA needs more players and fast, we need trailers showing of the game and what it's all about, we need to see banners and advertisements for Mabinogi NA, basically we need new people to find and play Mabinogi NA.

    The second issue is how Nexon accelerated this merge, for people not aware we had 4 servers/channels or whatever you want to call them, when the first merge back in 2019 was announced most people expected that the only logical conclusion would be to take the 4 servers and merge each 2 together (that's the short explanation), however what Nexon did was take 3 of the lower populated servers and merge them together under a new name (Nao) and leave one to eventually stagnate (Alexina), people in the slowly stagnating server was noticing the reinvigorated and merged server and some started to jump ship further expediting the stagnation (it's not the players fault).

    Nexon messed up...again and as I once wrote in this forum, it's like Nexon is just waiting for this game to lose just enough players and general activity to be able to justify the shutdown of Mabinogi NA, however I am not saying a shutdown is right around the corner but it sure does feel like nobody at Nexon NA or otherwise is trying even the minimum to bring in new players.
    Just look at this forum, there used to be so much more activity, if the old forum was still around one could even compare the two and see the stark difference.
    With all of this said and done, I hope for the sake of this games health and longevity that Nexon NA or anybody able to do something about this does something about Mabinogi NA's decreasing playerbase, cause if it took about 3 years for the need of another merge I don't want to imagine what might happen in another 3 years from now.

    Thanks for reading.
  • Looking to revitalize my interest in Mabinogi

    Would like to say thanks to everyone who commented and another thanks for the great ideas to keep me busy and most of all playing my favorite free to play mmorpg, In hindsight I should have asked this a few years back as I can now see what I could be working forward instead of doing pointless stuff or getting burned out by doing the same thing over and over.
    Mabinogi is a game I been playing since Mabinogi EU shutdown and Mabinogi NA allowed EU players in, and I feel that it's only natural to sometimes lose sight of what's important when you been playing a game for this long.
    I never expected this thread to last this long and gain this many comments.

    Thanks again everyone.

    To any moderator out there, Feel free to close this thread.
  • Looking to revitalize my interest in Mabinogi

    Hi everyone, I would like to first state i am sorry if this isn't the right place to write this (I don't use this forum much)
    With that said, I am looking to renew my interest in Mabinogi, I been playing since the Mabinogi EU beta (Even had the beta tester title) and I started playing Mabinogi EU during it's full launch day one, I was among the first 100 if not fewer people at time to get into the game because there was so many people that tried to get into the game at the same time it create a congestion.
    I Later moved into Mabinogi NA when the floodgates were opened (aka EU players being whitelisted) again I was there the first day and I been enjoying Mabinogi for plenty of years now, However ever since around 2014-15 I been losing interest in the game and rapidly, Despite Mabinogi being my all time favorite free to play game I been taking longer and longer breaks away from it and I strongly dislike the fact that I am having a hard time enjoying the game, I feel like I should and could be doing stuff but at the same time I don't feel like doing it and my motivation to play Mabinogi is at an all time low.
    I also used to enjoy picking up fun costumes and outfits alongside pets from the cash shop every once in a while but I can't even bother with that (especially since everything seems to be in a randomized box full of useless stuff these days)

    So my question is, what could or can you suggest for me to do in Mabinogi that would raise my interest in the game again something that could kickstart me in a way, I truly like Mabinogi I just haven't had the motivation to get back into the game.
    Also feel free to ask me questions.

    Thanks in advance