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  • Contest: E8


    My other 2 attempts (not entries, but they look pretty so decided to show them off):

    It's hard due to a large grid, no snap-to-grid tools. The hardest part is that the lines are large and clumsy to place, not easy to know what it will look like until you preview it. On top of that there's the obvious 50 shape limit, in the blue one I got creative and used other shapes to make it seem like I was using more than 50 lines - I aimed to make it appear correct when actually it is inaccurate.
    I'm ashamed to say that I spent a few hours on this...

    Why is there no "Save Template" option?!
  • Homestead carnival firework

    Imagine using transformations before clicking to ride it. Glas going round and round.

    Make it so.
  • This Ski Quest

    I wouldn't have put it quite like that, but Crimson has a point. We can't tell you what to do differently if we can't see what you're doing. A video would really help.
    The best we can do is give you shot-in-the-dark advice like the one I gave you.

    Is your "Range of Vision" in options set to maximum?
  • This Ski Quest

    Mabinogi has a built-in screen recorder feature. You can find it on the right of the bottom-bar in the popup menu thing. Before entering the mission activate it and try the mission while recording. Don't ask why, just do it.
  • One year Anniversary

    3rdy wrote: »
    Shiro42 wrote: »
    Pretty sure we just need a ritual where Nexon gives us knives to stab into a straw doll with Alexina's face on it.

    bet you it would still be an AFK event -_-

    'stay logged in for 38 mins to receive a knife to use on the VoDo doll.
    -only a maxemum of 4 knifes can be received per IRL day
    -use 10 knifes on the doll to receive a VoDo gift box'

    Nono, you can receive unlimited per day, but can only use 4. And they won't automatically stack. And they expire so that you cannot use the ones you got from a previous day. For some reason for the first week there will be a bug where elves will not be able to use the knives, as compensation all human and giant characters will receive 20 knives after the next maintenance.