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  • This picture puzzle :/

    People thought I was dumb for wanting commas in numbers. I completed the slidey puzzle right away, probably in under a minute, without needing to think. It hadn't even occurred to me that it could be considered hard.
    Everyone can be called dumb and backed up with an example. People are good and bad at different stuff. We are all individuals. Except me.
  • Why are necroed threads being locked?

    Donk3y wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Donk3y wrote: »
    I mean the reason they cite for locking them down is a really weak one.
    I'm still waiting for somebody to point out exactly how an old, necroed thread makes it "look bad" or "confusing", as opposed to opening new ones (which actually does make it confusing).

    Generally it's a thread that no longer receives comments for significant span of time potentially making it outdated, like 2-3 months or more (or worse, years). The severity of the necro is determined and assayed by whoever is moderating at the time. What they consider a necro I guess is up their random discretion.


    But take the "elves need an upgrade" thread. It's still relevant now, and as Xafnir pointed out, it actually creates more confusion by creating a new thread and linking the old one/quoting parts of the old one in it.

    I didn't see the thread when it was created, but after it was necroed I saw it, so I wanted to add my 50 cents, but then I noticed it was locked :/

    It wasn't locked from it being necro'd. Nexon just hates elves.
  • Why are necroed threads being locked?

    Donk3y wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    The real question is why the rule is in place in the first place. What it comes down to is that it seems to be a common practice on internet. So the rule is made and enforced, in the absence of why it actually existed in the first place, and instead is so because "everywhere else does it too", and that is the limit of their thinking about it. Personally, I think it would be better if this policy was cancelled.

    But that doesn't happen everywhere. On most professional forums and communities, what you DON'T want to do is make a new thread (or ticket) for the same thing over and over again. It's better to necro an old one, than to create a new one (ofc, if it's been closed, you should create a new one).

    Anybody that works in IT, dev, ops, etc. and uses something like Jira can vouch for this :)

    This is an excellent point. If we want to make a suggestion that was made 2 years ago and we can't necro the thread, are we meant to bloat the Suggestions forum with more threads? Making a new thread every 30 days? Would this really "keep things clean and organized"? Or are we meant to let older suggestions be forgotten even if they become more popular but never be allowed to discuss them again?
    I'm genuinely curious on what I should do if I want party PvP like we had in the EU servers. Do I make a new thread or do I use the forums search function to bump this thread?
  • Why are necroed threads being locked?

    Greta wrote: »
    I like how not one, but two VFM's ingored my question.

    We should make a petition to make them answer the ques-- ohwaitnevermind.
  • ..........nexon pls fix dis kind of thing...maybe?

    I think the only way Nexon can fix this would be to make female clothes uglier.
    Giving female clothing higher drop rates would probably work too but that seems unbalanced. Another way to fix it would be to take gold away from female players so that they are able to spend less so that high priced clothes would be unable to sell. Not sure if it would help, but it's worth at least asking the computer to run the simulation - kill the poor. We could also attach shock collars to people, shock them every time they try to list something at a high price so that they are conditioned to sell things lower. Or how about we take all items from everyone and share them out equally. Or we could tear up all the clothes and give each person 1 scrap each from each item. Outright ban all clothes. Pump everyone full of happy hormones so they're happy whichever way. Slowly replace each person with androids until there is no one left to complain. Connect all minds together to form a giant hive mind. Replace everyone's eyes with googly-eyes. Dance till you drop. Rub some bacon on it. Send all doctors to the moon so that we are no longer forced to eat an apple a day. Hold a chicken in he air, stick a deckchair up your nose, buy a jumbo jet, bury all your clothes, paint your left knee green, extract your wisdom-teeth, form a string quartet, pretend your name is Keith.
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