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  • Farewell to Mari

    Mari is getting a big Ruairi on her left and a big Tarlach on her right .
  • favorite dungeon?

    Probably Ciar for nostalgic reasons. When I first joined we used to spam Ciar for gold. The Ciar GM event was nice, we got a Giant enchant from it.
  • How long will the merge take?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Pan wrote: »
    They can make this process easier by just deleting the other 3 servers.

    Pan I swear to god knock that BLEEP off. :|

    I mean... It worked for merging the EU servers into NA.
  • Cup O' Joe repair cost is stupid.

    The repair costs so much because you're asking a blacksmith to repair it. Blacksmiths don't know how to refill coffee. It would be like asking a tailor to make a potion. They wouldn't normally do it, but since you're willing to pay so much they'll give it a go.
    Radiant Dawn
  • Elf Update?

    We all know that if Nexon ever does an elf update it will be to make elves weaker and have more bugs. For balance reasons.
    - They'll give a 1/10 chance that Magic Missile will hurt the caster instead.
    - Their shoes will lose durability twice as fast.
    - Any loaded skills that you can move with will lower elves to a walk speed.
    - Mirage Missile will reflect all damage from the afflicted monster onto the caster. It will not lower HP lower than 1 HP.
    - Elves will be able to use a skill similar to Chain Impale called Ear Impale regardless of the weapon equipped.
    - A new skill called Forget lets them de-rank skills at the cost of AP. At r1 it will also de-rank another skill at random. You get no AP back from this. Can only be used when near the memory tower.
    - Giants will be able to mount onto elf shoulders, similar to how humans can currently mount giants.
    - A critical Heat Buster will send the elf spinning back twice as far as normal.
    - When an elf tries to get on a raft it will automatically continent warp them to Belfast if continent warp isn't on cooldown.
    - Elves can dual wield L-rods by fitting the second pair on their feet. When using the L-Rod action the action is triggered twice.
    - Lance Charge will have twice the range for elves.
    - Filia guards will aggro other Filia guards on sight.
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