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August 26, 1994
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I think it's safe to say my official title is Mabinogi Historian.
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Ex-Mari. I play on the Nao server and am a Transformation Mastery Enthusiast and Lore Freak.
  • G22 Balor Battle

    I used Nascent Divinity and Divine Link.
    I set up hotkeys that allowed me to control my pets movement (Come! and Sit! can have hotkeys set in Options) to keep them safe from AOE.
    With The Subskill "Sacred Revival" at at least rank 8, Guardian Oath at 10, and Soul Restoration at 10, my high level pet had enough survivability to allow me to re-kindle a new Soul Link before it needed Phoenix Feather-ing. This allowed me to focus on maintaining Nascent Divinity.

    Nascent and Divine Link:
    Nascent prevented me from being knocked around, using Celestial Spike allowed me to build up power in Nascent form although it did no damage. Use a Step 6 Red Upgraded weapon to increase power. (the crit boost carries into Nascent)
    Attack the Salamanders as they spawn to stop them from harassing your pet, their magic will hurt. Be wary of their AOE on death and use your pet to control Balor's movement away from them.
    Once maxed out, use Obliteration as soon as possible. (Balor cannot be hit during his AOE cast.)
    When your power is maxed out, cast Judgement Blade instead of Celestial Spike if you feel like Balor will grab you soon, you can use it if it's already loaded while being grabbed in order to free yourself with Marleid and your Pet's help. Like Girgashiy, Balor moves in a random direction before teleporting to grab you.
    I recommend the title "New Divinity" to extent Nascent's form.
    Rank 1 Nascent Divinity with the title lasts long enough that Balor should be low health before it expires.

    Once Nascent Divinity expires, or if you don't have access to it use Mana shield, then fast hard hitting attacks are recommended. From this point, Chain Crush was what I used in order to deal consistent damage. Bachram Explosion did 10% of Balor's health with a crit. Chain Crush and Bachram Explosion gives you temporary Advance Heavy Stander during the animation, giving you opportunity to hit hard from a distance. I don't recommend Chain Impale needs you to be closer, and it's stun is useless in this situation.
    Other skills you could use are Smash, Bash, Final Hit, Way of the Gun, Ice-Lighting Fusion, Lightning Rod, Chain-Cast Firebolt, and any form of Martial Arts. (Mobility skills such as Anchor Rush, Bullet Slide, and Tumble actually have use here.)
    Having a Cylinder at hand for Life Drain and Heat Buster Mobility is also effective.
    I do not recommend using a Bow at all. Marleid's support is enough, and it's likely Balor will hit you before you can fire off shots effectively.

    Although I personally didn't use them, Demi-God and Wings of Eclipse plus Knight of Light skills can assist greatly in survival.
    Wearing a set of armor will help mitigate as much damage as possible, and if available, Blunting Field works very well. I did not have armor on, nor access to any techniques. I took a hefty bit of damage during the fight, although my properly prepared friend managed to reduce Balor's damage to 1.
    With a pet constantly attacking Balor with the assistance of Marleid I was often freed quickly from the grab. Stay near Marleid and your pet so they can help you in time, but mind your position so Balor hits the pet and not you.
    Life Drain can help stave off Potion Poisoning, and if you already started draining before Balor grabs you, the drain continues. Bring a lot of potions anyway.
    The AOE is the most dangerous, as your pet will end up stunlocked in it and probably die.

    I managed to defeat Balor in 12 minutes without a death, and my pet did not need reviving due to Soul Link and Sacred Revival. I do not have enchanted/reforged gear or any armor and I play casually, so hopefully with this rough guide it can help someone clear it.
  • Bandits how do they work

    In order to make bandits spawn, someone has to have commerced in that area recently. After a while bandits will despawn but they will only register as despawned when you try to approach them and the game updates that they're no longer there, hence the frustrating "disappearing bandits" bug.
    It takes about half an hour for bandits to despawn, so commerce a route, then immediately follow it back while outlaw hunting and any bandits you saw while commercing should be in the same place.

    This has been an issue for a long time but it's much more prevalent with less people commercing, so try to outlaw hunt on busy channels!
  • Renown Stuck

    Do you see that number to the right of the experience bar that says (10000.00/10000.00) in red text? Thats your daily limit for renown, you cannot earn more renown exp for Endelyon today. Everything is normal, you will continue to gain Renown experience tomorrow :)
  • Event Suggestion: Make use of Festia

    Festia is neat and very unfortunate addition to Mabinogi, locked behind daily limitations that really sap the fun out of time spent with friends when we can play 5 rounds of darts and then have to wait until tomorrow. While I'm not opposed to the idea of limiting access to Festia as I understand why the Limit is in place, I really do think we should get more than 5 Tickets a day, but that's not why I'm making this thread.

    Making content that isn't just an AFK event takes time n resources, but since Festia is a permanent attraction in Mabinogi, it shouldn't be too difficult to take advantage of the area for an event. And no, I don't mean another event like the Rose Event where they'd just stuck an NPC inside Festia and made you do a fetch quest, or make you vote on your husbando.

    I mean, more opportunities to play, special rewards, incentive to play!
    An event that actually gives players something to do even if it IS just Festia. I mean, with the right incentive, players will do anything.

    The Event:
    How do you give players a fair chance?:
    Instead of 5 tickets a day, give us 30. Just for the event!Yes, let Alts participate. Let people play on their alts so they can help their friends across servers or increase their chances to win what they want if they're a dedicated player. Want to reduce the likelihood of abuse? Put a 7 day Timer on the Tickets. Make them special, event only tickets. Unlike other events, this will require player participation, so players can't just log in and log out with a mountain of event spamming alts.

    Avoid consecutive attendance based rewards and afk timers:
    Dearest NexonNA, that thing you're doing with the consecutive log-ins? Please stop it. Not everyone has the free time to log into the MMO like that, it really barricades players who don't have a lot of free time.

    The Incentive:
    Participating in Attractions gives you some special MacGuffin. Attractions that require more than 1 person give you more of the MacGuffin. Incentive to play together. All you have to do is participate. For example: Clobbermeister and Crystal Defender gives you 1 MacGuffin. But, attractions that require a minimum of two players gives you 2 Macguffins each, and attractions that require a minimum of 3 players gives you 4 MacGuffins each!

    What are the MacGuffins for?:
    These MacGuffins can be exchanged for the usual event garbage.
    Eg. An obligatory cheap box to gamble for the best rewards for say... 3 Medals each? Thats 10 boxes if you spam crystal defender on 30 free Tickets, per day. Not bad, right?
    For 2 Medals each, additional Festia Tickets. I mean, why not? If people prefer to play more, let em! Festia itself has its own rewards that it offers.
    And, I haven't put much thought into bigger rewards, but I'm sure there are certain things players want like... a Free Pet, AP potions, Training Potions, THAT BAG THAT DOESNT EXIST, Cosmetics exclusive to the event, Etc.
    Not unlike that beach event. That was a nice event. The AP was delicious.

    I've made this suggestion because creating new content takes time and resources, this event uses content already live and ready in the game. it's an active event that gives players something to engage with and promotes community, instead of focusing on AFKing.
    I also think, that although it's a bit late to suggest it, this event would have made a pretty nice holiday celebration event.
  • Remove bank cap

    I don't think the bank cap should be removed entirely as it mitigates gold hoarding and some degree of abuse. However, raising the bank cap to balance with inflation I agree with.
    In the mean time, if you are having problems with storing gold, dedicate one pet to carrying 5mil cheques. This makes it easier to shop via cheque aswell, because you always have the money on you. You can also raise your bank cap via creating additional characters on the account, if you haven't already done so.