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August 26, 1994
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I think it's safe to say my official title is Mabinogi Historian.
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Ex-Mari. I play on the Nao server and am a Transformation Mastery Enthusiast and Lore Freak.
  • Post your favourite plot hole

    Though it's not exactly a plot hole, I'd also like to know what the fomors are doing these days. Did they give up just because their god poofed, or did Bella's death actually solve some sort of issue for them? It seems weird for Cichol to just give up on the fomors, whom he's represented and claimed to be morally superior so humans for the entire story so far, just because Erinn isn't going to be destroyed, unless he was just using them as Morrighan was using us.

    And Speaking of Lugh, I'd like to know for certain whether he's a milletian or not. Same with Millia's father.

    Most Fomors are now peacefully living alongside humans after the defeat (but not really) of Cichol. There are some who are now heretics to their own race, and these are apparently following the bigbad in g20+. Cichol seems to be busy doing something. I mean it took Ruairi 12 generations to do anything after his last appearance.
    Lugh canonically was originally designed as a fomorian demigod, G1 stated he was human, g2 stated "no one actually knows, some think he's milletian." but g16 launched it out of the window hardcore with that Lugh that I honestly believe was just some brainwashed old man and not actually Lugh. (Hates g16 with a passion)

    G13-16 made a lot of plot holes by rewriting/ignoring established canon: Eg. saying shakespeare was a Milletian hundreds of years before the main milletians, when g1 specifically says Milletians hadn't been around for more than a few months during that time period. And Saying Morrighan and Cichol knew eachother as children when as far as im aware Mabinogi Heroes is still canon (up until the end of chapter 1) + the whole thing that makes Erinn Paradise.
    And the accidental rectification of forgetting Erinn was Tir na Nog in Saga (Tarlach and Ruairi's inexplicable aging wasn't due to the soul stream, but rather due to the effects of leaving Erinn/Tir Na Nog, which in canon, ages them rapidly.)

    G21 forgetting Erinn is Tir na Nog for the sake of giving someone a tragic backstory.

    The entire plot forgot about Tarlach's entire motivation for challenging the gods: His sister died and he wanted the reason why and to find Tir Na Nog.
  • Did the servers crashed?

    It's very likely that Mabi's servers are just in dire need of a reboot, if they crashed and rebooted themselves it might take a little while for them to be up and running at full capacity. Just take a little break, go get lunch or something. It'll probably be up shortly if a maintenance isn't needed.